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Third Annual AAPOR's Got Talent Competition in Atlanta, Georgia!
The AAPOR Education Committee is now accepting abstract submissions for the third annual AAPOR’s Got Talent (AGT) competition! As a reminder about past years’ events, this competition allows AAPOR members to develop original ideas for addressing some of the most pressing issues in survey research, and present their ideas to a panel of judges and the AAPOR membership at the annual conference. The audience and the judges then vote for their favorite idea, and a winner is selected based on the votes.

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AAPOR Releases Joint Statement on BEA Funding

 AAPOR Profile: Mark Hugo Lopez
Lopez.jpgMark Hugo Lopez is the director of global migration and demography research at Pew Research Center and a leading expert in the field of Latino demographic research and in Latino survey research. Mark’s work at Pew Research involves leading the planning of their research agenda on international demographic trends, international migration, US immigration trends, and the US Latino community. He previously oversaw Pew’s Hispanic trends research group.
AAPOR is Positioning Itself as Trusted Source for 2020 Election Polling Information
As David Dutwin discussed during his presidential address, AAPOR must improve how it communicates with the public. To do so, the Executive Council, Communications Committee, and Journalist Education Subcommittee have been working with Stanton Communications to prepare for the expected increase in attention to polling during the 2020 election.
Chapter Spotlight: NYAAPOR
NYAAPOR has gotten off to a great start for the 2019-20 year! In September, NYAAPOR conducted a “Writing Better Questionnaires” session with David Harris author of the Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires. Registration for the session included a copy of his book.


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Nov, 2019

Nov 16:  Executive Council Nominations

Dec, 2019

Dec 20:  Public Service, Policy Impact, Innovators, AAPOR Award, Inclusive Voices


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