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AAPOR Warns Against Rushing to Judgment on 2020 Election Polls
AAPOR cautions that sweeping judgments on polls’ overall performance before all ballots are counted are premature. The 2020 election polling task force is engaging in comprehensive evaluation of this year’s general election polls.

Judging the Polls Requires Patience on Election Night, and After
AAPOR Task Force to Issue Report on General Election Poll Performance
AAPOR is calling on journalists and analysts to wait for final vote results before evaluating the performance of polls conducted for the general election. AAPOR's 2020 election polling task force will issue a report after a careful analysis. 

2020 Pre-Election Polls: Performance of the Polls in the Democratic Primaries
Pre-election polls in the 2020 Democratic primaries correctly predicted the winning candidate 81% of the time. Read the full report from the The AAPOR Task Force on 2020 Pre-Election Polling.

Covering 2020: How Journalists Can Accurately Interpret and Report on Election Polls

Some state and national polls are more reliable than others. How can reporters accurately interpret polls and use them effectively in their reporting? This free webinar recording is for journalists seeking more clarity on pollster quality, margins of error and other factors to carefully vet polls.

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Jan, 2021

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