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The National Science Foundation (NSF) is soliciting (20-550) submissions for re-competition of the General Social Survey (GSS). Click here for more information. Letter of Intent Due Date: June 01, 2020
AAPOR-JPSM Citation Program
AAPOR and JPSM are pleased to offer two citation programs: the Citation in Survey Methodology and the Citation in Data Analytics for Social Science.
JSSAM Call for Editor Nominations and Applications
The American Association for Public Opinion Research, the American Statistical Association, and publisher Oxford University Press invite applications for the position of Co-Editor-in-Chief for survey methodology of the Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology (JSSAM).
The World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) and the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) request submissions to be considered for the Janet A. Harkness Student Paper Award, as part of the program for WAPOR’s annual conference in 2020. This award is given in memory of Dr. Harkness, distinguished cross-cultural survey methodologist, who passed away in 2012. Submit your full paper to the award committee by May 15, 2020.

Latest News

In Memoriam - Eleanor R. Gerber

eleanor-2.jpgEleanor Ruth Gerber of Bowie, Maryland passed away on February 26, 2020 just shy of her 75th birthday on February 27. From 1992-2008 she worked as a research anthropologist and manager at the U.S. Census Bureau where she advocated for increased use of qualitative and ethnographic research methods.
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Census 2020: It’s not just the government’s job to ensure we’re all counted 

In Memoriam - Pearl R. Zinner

Pearl-R-Zinner_JDolan-Portrait.jpgFriends and colleagues are saddened to learn of the passing of Pearl R. Zinner in June of this past year, at the age of 99.  A New Yorker born and bred, Pearl Zinner joined NORC in 1951, first working out of the New York office as an interviewer at an hourly wage of 50 cents, moving through the survey department ranks, and becoming its director from 1963 until it closed operations in early 1985.
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AAPOR Convenes Task Force to Formally Examine Polling Performance During 2020 Presidential Election 
The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), the nation’s largest organization of survey researchers, is launching a special task force to examine the performance of public opinion polls during the 2020 presidential election. This effort builds on the work of the 2016 task force that showed the national polls performed well.

Not so fast: The Polls and the Iowa Caucuses
The nation’s largest organization of survey researchers, the American Association for Public Opinion Research, urges pundits and journalists not to rush to judgment on the performance of polls in the aftermath of the Iowa Democratic Caucuses.

AAPOR Profile: Ineke Stoop
Stoop.jpgIneke Stoop is a fairly new member of AAPOR, but a long-standing part of the European survey community. Until her retirement in May 2019, she was Head of Methodology at the Netherlands Institute for Social Research/SCP and was the Deputy Director Methodological for the European Social Survey (ESS). She also was Chair of the European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC), and an advisory member of Eurostat. She taught classes and published works on survey design, nonresponse, and comparative surveys. And she is sharing that wealth of experience with AAPOR, as a part of the AAPOR/WAPOR Task Force on Quality of Comparative Surveys.
Focusing on student and professional researchers in the Western region of the United States, PAPOR held several in-person and virtual events in 2019. Monitor AAPOR-net for more information on our two premier in-person events of 2020 – the June mini-conference in the Bay Area (where we highlight presentations from the National AAPOR conference) and the PAPOR Annual Conference December 10th and 11th in San Francisco.
PANJAAPOR is celebrating another great year of events. Our annual spring event took place last May, hosted by Drexel University. Dr. Jana Hirsch (Drexel University School of Public Health) presented information on her research to measure gentrification in Philadelphia and to understand how residents think about and perceive neighborhood change and its effect on their health and well-being.


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