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AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative is designed to promote methodological disclosure through a proactive, educational approach that assists survey organizations in developing simple and efficient means for routinely disclosing the research methods associated with their publicly-released studies. The Transparency Initiative is an approach to the goal of an open science of survey research by acknowledging those organizations that pledge to practice transparency in their reporting of survey-based research findings. Click on “What is the TI?” to find out more.

AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative is very active and ready for additional member organizations. If you are interested in having your organization join, please contact us at [email protected]

Member Spotlight: EdChoice
The TICC is very thankful for the hard work of EdChoice, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that conducts and commissions research on choice-based reforms and issues in K-12 education with the goal to better inform policymakers and other stakeholders at the state and local levels around the country, as well as in Washington D.C.
Launched in 1996 by Milton and Rose D. Friedman, EdChoice is based in Indianapolis and conducts national work, regional work, or research that has a concentrated focus on a single state’s educational environment. Research-based outreach and trainings are essential to the Research and Thought Leadership (RTL) team’s mission of improving the information and understanding about educational choice programs, policies, and proposals. According to Drew Catt, Director of State Research and Special Projects, “the Transparency Initiative shows our commitment to replicable research, and the more transparent we are with our methodology, questionnaires, and reporting of results the easier it should be for others to replicate.”
Survey research and polling are a substantial part of EdChoice’s research program, and they are a charter member of the AAPOR Transparency Initiative (TI). According to Paul DiPerna, Vice President of Research and Innovation, “TI membership is important to us for at least two very important and mutually reinforcing reasons: improved quality assurance and building trust. The politics of K–12 education energizes skeptics of research on many sides of issues. By providing clear information about our survey research methods we improve our quality control, which helps to build trust with our wide range of audiences that includes policymakers (local, state, federal), parents, teachers, school leaders, entrepreneurs, policy wonks, and other researchers.”
EdChoice has also committed to internal and external review processes for their research publications. TI membership helps them bolster the external review of their  surveys’ disclosures and data/methods reporting by opening a channel to many of the nation’s leading survey researchers and methodologists who can review materials and offer guidance and continued education to their staff. External reviews and feedback provide peace of mind for the team, and simultaneously strengthens trust with diverse audiences. Catt also offers, “transparency is paramount for any research organization. This is even more true for organizations like EdChoice that operate in highly-charged, politicized environments.”
The TICC is very thankful for the hard work of EdChoice for their continued commitment to methodological disclosure.

TI Monthly Update: October 2018

TI Monthly Update: September 2018
  • AAPOR received a letter from the Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology (FCSM) indicating their interest in the Transparency Initiative and noting their support for our shared value of scientific openness.
  • The TI is pleased to announce we have been formally endorsed by:
  • AASRO endorses the TI - During its annual meeting, held at the Bloustein School at Rutgers University, the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO) formally endorsed AAPOR's Transparency Initiative and encouraged its member organizations to become part of the TI.
  • The editors of AAPOR's three journals, Public Opinion QuarterlyJournal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, and Survey Practice, now require the reporting of all Transparency Initiative disclosure elements as part of each manuscript submitted for peer review. For a complete list of those disclosure elements, see Section III.A of AAPOR's Code of Professional Ethics and Practices.