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Generic Consent for Survey-Focus Group

Principal Investigator:      

Title of Study:      

You are invited to participate in this focus group/survey of       _____.  I am interested in finding out your views about _____.

Your participation in this study will require participation in a focus group/survey and possible completion of a questionnaire. This should take approximately _____ of your time. Your participation will be confidential/anonymous and you will/will not be contacted again in the future. You will not be paid for being in this study. This focus group/survey does not involve any foreseeable risk to you and there are no direct benefits. However, the benefits of your participation may impact society by _____.

You do not have to be in this study if you do not want to be. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about this study. If you have further questions about this project or if you have a research-related problem, you may contact me, _____ at _____. If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant you may contact the University of XXXXXXX Institutional Review Board (IRB) at xxx-xxx-xxxx. An IRB is a group of people that reviews research studies to make sure that participant rights and safety are protected.

Thank you in advance for you participation in this study.