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American Association for Public Opinion Research

AAPOR Letter to Civic Council

February 8, 2010

Mr. Thomas Cromwell
Civic Council
5235 Westview Drive, Suite 100
Frederick, MD 21703

Dear Mr. Cromwell:

I write on behalf of the American Association for Public Opinion Research. We strongly object to your recent fundraising effort, the so-called “Census of Senior Citizens,” and all other fundraising your organization may do under the guise of research.  

Genuine public opinion research never asks respondents to pay for their participation. The object of legitimate research is simply to learn what the public thinks. By contrast, your venture is designed to collect funds under the pretense of measuring public opinion. You are inappropriately using the good name of public opinion research to further your own financial ends.

Further, labeling this pernicious project a “Census,” sullies the reputation of the 2010 Census and may lead to lower participation rates among those who receive your mailing.

We urge you in the strongest terms to stop your misleading “Census” activity immediately and to find a method for raising funds that is not disguised as a “survey.”  


Peter V. Miller