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Lars Lyberg Honored with 2018 AAPOR Award

CHICAGO, IL, May 18, 2018 – The winner of the 2018 AAPOR Award for Exceptionally Distinguished Achievement is Lars Lyberg. This award is the Association’s lifetime achievement award. It is given for an outstanding contribution to the field of public opinion research, including advances in theory, empirical research and methods; improvements in ethical standards; and promotion of understanding among the public, media and/or policy makers.
For more than five decades, Lars Lyberg has made significant and important contributions to the field of survey research.  Lars career started at Stockholm University where he earned a Doctorate in Statistics under the supervision of Professor Tore Dalenius, an innovator the field of survey statistics. In 1966, Lars began his professional work career at Statistics Sweden where he spent more than 40 years, culminating in his appointment as head of the Research and Development Department. His work at the intersection of total survey error and survey quality has had a profound impact on how survey programs and organizations manage for survey quality.
Lars was the founder of the Journal of Official Statistics and served as its Chief Editor for more than 25 years.  Through Lars’ efforts, JOS became one of the top journals in the field of survey research.  Lars has written or edited ten books, seven in the Wiley series in Survey Methodology. These include Data Quality Assurance (1977), Telephone Survey Methodology (1988), Measurement Errors in Surveys (1991), Survey Measurement and Process Quality (1997), Introduction to Survey Quality (2003), Survey Methods in Multicultural, Multinational, and Multiregional Contexts (2010), and Total Survey Error in Practice (2017). He is also author of numerous journal articles.  
Lars also taught at Stockholm University where he is now a Professor Emeritus. Throughout his career, Lars has been sought as a lecturer and has taught survey methods courses in 10 countries.
Lars is an elected member of the International Statistical Institute, past president of the International Association of Survey Statisticians, and a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and American Statistical Association. He is a recipient of the WAPOR Dinerman Award, the ASA’s Waksberg Award and the AAPOR Book Award.    
Lars is also known as a highly effective collaborator who is modest by nature, generous of his time to help others, and a mentor to many younger survey researchers. He has also organized and brought together survey researchers to examine critical research challenges facing the industry.  He is one of the founders of three highly successful and ongoing yearly workshops:  the International Workshop on Household Survey Nonresponse (in its 29th year), the International Total Survey Error Workshop (in its 13th year) and the International Comparative Survey Design and Implementation Workshop (in its 16th year).  His contributions to the field also include service on more than 50 international advisory committees.
The 2018 AAPOR Award Committee is pleased to honor Lars Lyberg for a distinguished career marked by so many notable achievements.