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AAPOR Announces 2019 Award Winners

CHICAGO, IL, April 25, 2019 — The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), the nation's leading association for public opinion and survey research professionals, is pleased to announce our 2019 award winners. These accomplished members of our public opinion and survey research community will be honored during the annual award banquet held at the 74th Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2019 Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators Award
James S. Jackson, PhD, Daniel Katz Distinguished University Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan, for innovative survey data collection methods for studying the political, social, psychological, and mental health of African Americans.

The Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators Award recognizes accomplishments in the fields of public opinion and survey research that occurred in the past ten years or that had their primary impact on the field during the past decade. The innovations could consist of new theories, ideas, applications, methodologies or technologies. To be considered for the award, innovations must be publicly documented. The award can be given to individuals, groups or institutions.

2019 Seymour Sudman Student Paper Competition Award
Andrew Mercer, University of Maryland
“Decomposing selection bias in non-probability surveys”

The Seymour Sudman Student Paper Competition Award is given as a tribute to Seymour Sudman in memory of his many contributions to survey methodology, his leadership in the AAPOR community and his teaching and mentoring of students in the survey research profession.

2019 Burns "Bud" Roper Fellow Award
Eva Aizpurua, Trinity College Dublin
Suman Mathur, Health District of Northern Larimer County
Andrew Pickett, University of South Dakota
Ruben Bach, University of Mannheim
Marieke Haan, University of Groningen
Candace Bright, East Tennessee State University

The Burns "Bud" Roper Fellow Award is named for the late Burns "Bud" Roper who provided a substantial bequest in his will. Roper Fellows must demonstrate primary work responsibilities related to survey research or public opinion and have recently started their careers. Fellows receive financial assistance to help them attend the AAPOR Annual Conference and/or participate in conference short courses; most are first-time conference attendees.

2019 AAPOR Policy Impact Award
U.S. Census Bureau for the American Community Survey

The AAPOR Policy Impact Award acknowledges that a key purpose of opinion and other survey research is to facilitate well informed decision-making. The award recognizes outstanding research that has had a clear impact on improving policy decisions, practice and discourse, either in the public or private sectors.

2019 AAPOR Public Service Award
Nancy Bates, U.S. Census Bureau

The AAPOR Public Service Award is intended to recognize and honor outstanding public service and dedication to maintaining AAPOR standards.  It recognizes persons who work on behalf of the public sector, and have contributed to the quality of government surveys, data systems, research, leadership, and/or policy. This award is a means for recognizing the service and dedication of persons working in or with the public sector and their dedication to protecting, improving, and maintaining survey research standards and data quality.

2019 AAPOR Book Award
Diana C. Mutz
“Hearing the other side: Deliberative versus participatory democracy”

The AAPOR Book Award recognizes influential books that have stimulated theoretical and scientific research in public opinion; and/or influenced our understanding or application of survey research methodology. Eligibility for the AAPOR Book Award includes any book in the field that is at least three years old (to allow time for books to be read and reviewed), including books published before or during the period covered by the AAPOR list of the Fifty Books That Have Significantly Shaped Public Opinion Research 1946-1995.

2019 AAPOR Student Travel Award
Vlad Achimescu, University of Mannheim
Beyza Buyuker, University of Illinois-Chicago
Evgenia Kapousouz, University of Illinois-Chicago
Michael Lenmark, Stony Brook University
P. Linh Nguyen, University of Essex
Tomoko Okada, University of Wisconsin
Maria Isabel Olivera, Queens College – City University of New York (CUNY)
Anthony Rentsch, Harvard University
Melike SaraƧ, Hacettepe University
William Young, Rutgers University
Simon Heuberger, American University

The AAPOR Student Travel Award funds graduate student attendance at the AAPOR Annual Conference. Student Travel Awards help to offset the expense of attending the conference. The awards are offered to students who are in need of financial support to attend the annual conference and experience this important educational and collegial event for public opinion and survey researchers.

WAPOR/AAPOR Janet A. Harkness Student Paper Award
Kirils Makarovs, University of Essex (UK)

This award is given in memory of Dr. Harkness, distinguished cross-cultural survey methodologist, who passed away in 2012. Paper topics must be related to the study of multi-national/multi-cultural/multi-lingual survey research (aka 3M survey research), or to the theory and methods of 3M survey research, including statistics and statistical techniques used in such research. Paper topics might include: (a) methodological and/or statistical issues in 3M surveys; (b) public opinion in 3M settings; (c) theoretical issues in the formation, quality, or change in 3M public opinion; and/or (d) substantive findings about 3M public opinion.

Student-Faculty Diversity Pipeline Award
Aubrey Bechdel, Carrie Awadzi, Delaware State University
Lance Bennett, Jonathon Schuldt, Cornell University
Kris Coombs, University of Southern California, Sara Sadhwani, Pamona College
Chandler Golden, Xavier University of Louisiana, Kathie Golden, Mississippi Valley State University
Karen Lee, University of Texas-Austin, Kassra Ooskii, University of Delaware
Miguel Martinez, Duke University, Tasha Philpot, University of Texas-Austin
Steven Moore, University of Michigan, LaFleur Stephens-Dougan, Princeton University
Fedelis Mutiso, Medical University of South Carolina, Mulugeta Gebregziabher, Medical University of South Carolina
Antonio Regulier, Buffalo State College, Henry Louis Taylor, Jr., University of Buffalo
Princess Williams, University of Michigan, Sherice Nelson, St. Marys College

The Student-Faculty Diversity Pipeline Award are intended to recruit faculty-student “pairs” interested in becoming AAPOR colleagues. The Award targets members of historically underrepresented racial-ethnic groups, interested in the study of public opinion and survey research methodology. AAPOR believes that the scholarly and practical understanding of our discipline is enhanced by the presence and involvement of different perspectives and creative thought. Such diversity and inclusion leads to consequential research, improved interdisciplinary collaboration, and a greater ability to address, understand, and solve problems related to public opinion and survey research methodology. This award is for students and faculty who identify as: American Indian or Alaska Native; Asian; Black or African American; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; and Hispanic or Latino. The award is for waived conference registration and annual membership fee for the student and faculty, and one $800 cash awarded to the pair to support travel expenses.

Monroe G. Sirken Award
Judith Lessler

The Sirken Award in Interdisciplinary Survey Research Methods Research is given annually to a distinguished survey researcher for contributions to interdisciplinary survey research that improve the theory and methods of collecting, verifying, processing , presenting  or analyzing survey data. 

Inclusive Voices Award
National Survey of Latinos (NSL)

This honor recognizes scholars/researchers, organizations, or institutions who have produced the important data sets, research, and survey methods that have improved the ability to study complex social phenomena related to understudied and underserved, and therefore under-voiced populations.

2019 AAPOR Award for Lifetime Achievement
The award is given for outstanding contribution to the field of public opinion research including: advances in theory, empirical research and methods; improvements in ethical standards; and promotion of understanding among the public, media and/or policy makers.

The winner of the 2019 AAPOR Award for Lifetime Achievement will be announced at the annual awards banquet, Saturday, May 18, at the AAPOR Annual Conference. 

For more information on any of these awards, visit aapor.org/Conference-Events/Awards.aspx
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