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Busy (and Business) as Usual, and A New Executive Director

by Patricia Moy, President
Autumn has always brought with it a sense of excitement and anticipation, and this year is no different at AAPOR.
Conference planning is gaining traction, especially with abstract submissions due November 5. Conference Committee Chair Darby Steiger and Associate Chair Brady West have been planning myriad aspects of the conference with various committees, Kellen staff, and boundless energy and enthusiasm. Their efforts will ensure our safe and intellectually and socially fulfilling return to (as of now) an in-person meeting in Chicago. New online courses and webinars continue to appear on AAPOR’s calendar of events, thanks to the efforts of Emilia Peytcheva, Education Committee Chair, and Florian Keusch, Chair of the Online Education Subcommittee. Past President Dan Merkle will be working with his Nominations Committee the next two months to develop the slate for next spring’s Executive Council elections. (Please take time to nominate an AAPOR colleague or yourself to serve this vibrant association!) And as the year closes, Membership & Chapter Relations Chair Angel Uglow is working with Kellen staff on the launching our membership drive.
As we move deeper into autumn, I’m delighted to report that AAPOR’s search for an executive director closed last month with the hire of Tristanne Staudt, who will be heading up AAPOR’s new executive office beginning January 1, 2022.
AAPOR’s Executive Council is exceptionally excited about our new executive director. Tristanne brings to AAPOR more than a decade of association experience, most recently with the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM), where she served as deputy executive director. APPAM’s nonprofit social-science orientation, multisector membership, and focus on education make Tristanne well suited to serve as AAPOR’s new executive director. Her work at APPAM translates well to her responsibilities at AAPOR, where she will be hiring, training, and overseeing staff as well as bolstering revenue streams while reducing costs. Tristanne is no stranger to AAPOR activities and programming. She has extensive experience working with volunteers to: plan and direct conferences and digital offerings; oversee communications with the membership; and implement programs to foster inclusion.
What makes AAPOR particularly exciting for Tristanne? She writes, “The research that goes into our nation’s policymaking efforts is paramount to building a healthy democracy, and social science associations such as AAPOR provide an excellent platform for that research to be seen.”
Tristanne has been working behind the scenes with an ad-hoc transition committee, headed by Jordon Peugh and Nora Cate Schaeffer; AAPOR’s Human Resources Committee, chaired by Brad Edwards; and Kellen staff to facilitate the association’s move to self-management. She has been meeting with AAPOR’s leadership to learn deeply about the organization and gain a 360-degree view of the association. This knowledge will be critical for Tristanne as she and her staff work in the new year to engage with all things AAPOR. Tristanne is eager to deploy the collective experience her team will bring to AAPOR so that the association can best position itself for the future, all while maintaining the culture, values, and traditions that we hold dear.
Tristanne has already secured for AAPOR office space in Alexandria, Virginia, beginning January 1, 2022. Job descriptions have been posted for full-time staff members; these individuals will play a key role in supporting AAPOR’s mission through conferences and events, educational programming, marketing and communications, and membership. Interviews have commenced, and we’ll introduce our new staff in the January newsletter. For now, on behalf of the Executive Council, I extend my warmest welcome to Tristanne Staudt as AAPOR’s new executive director!
Note: Until the end of 2021, AAPOR will continue partnering with the staff at our management firm, Kellen, overseen by interim executive director Katie Geraghty.