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Off and Running!

by David Dutwin, President
The 2018-19 Council year is off and running! Council met in June with a very proactive agenda. One area we are focusing on in particular riffs off of Past President Tim Johnson’s Presidential Address and the ongoing work of the Committee on Attacks on Surveys. In short, we recognize that the science of surveys is in many respects, under attack, both broadly in a larger skepticism of science in general, and specific given concerns with survey accuracy and negative coverage of polling. Compounding this reality is a general loss of appreciation of the importance, if not centrality, of a robust and open public opinion in a thriving democracy, and the centrality of public opinion research to satisfy this necessary condition of democracy. AAPOR may not be able to impact these trends in a substantial way; but that does not mean we should not do our part. The Committee has offered an excellent initial list of possible actions AAPOR can take to promote our field and our science, and Council is committed to taking these and other recommendations under serious review, and to execute feasible communication strategies to this end.  For now all we can say is, stay tuned! The June Council meeting covered many other issues concerning AAPOR and the Council is excited with the agenda it built for the year. This includes taking many next-steps to ever-improving the Conference experience, considering a range of topics within Standards, continuing to concern ourselves with having a more inclusive and diverse membership, developing long-term projections of AAPOR financial health, and improvements to AAPOR’s ability to generate professional communications. And just for fun, we set in motion a process to secure bids and select cities for future AAPOR conferences. It was a busy meeting!  We are excited to serve you, the members, this coming year, and are dedicated to making sure you get your money’s worth through our efforts.