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June 2018

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by David Dutwin, President
The 2018-19 Council year is off and running! Council met in June with a very proactive agenda. One area we are focusing on in particular riffs off of Past President Tim Johnson’s Presidential Address and the ongoing work of the Committee on Attacks on Surveys.
by Courtney Kennedy, Conference Chair
Thanks to everyone for making the 73rd Annual Conference a huge success! The conference featured a record number of sessions (112) and near-record number of attendees (over 1,200). Our indefatigable Denver conference chair, Trent Buskirk, made a number of innovations to the program – all with an eye toward helping members update their skills for this new era of survey research and data analytics. Denver attendees saw the first ever Public Opinion Research Training and Learning (PORTAL) sessions, AAPOR’s Got Talent, multi-vendor demonstration sessions, and a new conference app.
by Ashley Kirzinger and Tim Triplett, TICC Co-Chairs
Over the past year, six new organizations joined the Transparency Initiative (TI), bringing total membership to 87 organizations and 63 organizations have passed their biennial review, which has been coordinated by TICC co-chair Tim Triplett. The TICC continues efforts for member recruitment and education including several presentations by the TICC co-chairs including a PAPOR short course.
by Heather Ridolfo, 2018-2019 President
DCAAPOR is fortunate to have a large and active membership. We currently stand at 427 members. Having such a large and diverse membership allows us to host a number of events throughout the year.