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Help Wanted for the AAPOR Education Committee!

by Brady West, Education Committee Chair
The Online Education Subcommittee organizes the AAPOR webinars put on by the Education Committee. This includes planning the annual schedule, tracking webinar performance, and moderating the webinars. We have also undertaken a number of new initiatives such as live streaming events and granting PRC credits for webinar participation (this is a work in progress).
The Short Course Subcommittee organizes the seven short courses offered at the AAPOR annual conference. This includes placing a call for proposals, identifying critical topic areas, and reviewing materials prior to the conference. For 2018, the subcommittee hopes to conduct some in-depth analyses of conference attendees to further target the topics and level of courses to the widest audience.  Along with the Online Subcommittee, we are also working on granting PRC credits for short course attendance. 
Finally, as you may know, the AAPOR Executive Council recently adopted an ambitious, multidimensional implementation plan focusing on increasing and enhancing diversity across the organization. Click here for the details. As part of this effort, the AAPOR Education Committee now has a Diversity Subcommittee, which includes a variety of opportunities and new responsibilities to carry out.
The Education Committee also supports Professional Development, Journalist Education, and ResearchHack. If you would be interested in helping on any of these efforts, please feel free to let us know!
Please contact Brady West if you are interested in any of these exciting opportunities. Thank you!