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2017 AAPOR ResearchHack

ResearchHack (RH) is AAPOR’s very own version of the hackathon, originated by software companies to foster collaboration and innovation. The focus of RH 3.0 will be the U.S. Census Bureau’s Planning Database (PDB), which provides selected 2010 Census and American Community Survey demographic and socioeconomic estimates at various levels of geography and includes area-level Low Response Score (LRS) estimates. Hackers will be asked to identify possible uses of the PDB in survey research and develop a framework for user-friendly tools/apps to facilitate using the PDB.
New in 2017 – RH 3.0 is open to all AAPOR members; the participation timeline has been streamlined; and a pre-conference webinar will introduce hackers to the PDB. Prizes include gift cards, AAPOR website profiles, mentorship from senior AAPOR members, and a free short course at the 2018 conference. Also, hackers receive a discount on their 2017 conference registration.
To register for ResearchHack, fill out the form here: AAPOR ResearchHack Registration Form
For more information, email [email protected].