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Top 10 Reasons to Renew!

by Morgan Earp, MCR Chair and Emily Geisen, MCR Assoc. Chair
#10 You'll get bored with all the free time you'll have by not reading AAPORnet. Sure you'll now have time to rewatch season one of "Stranger Things" in time for season two (or three), but otherwise, you'll be really bored.

#9 If you don't, we'll send an AAPOR taskforce after you (and then make you join it). When they are not hunting down rogue members, AAPOR task forces are responsible for tracking the key issues facing public opinion researchers.

#8 Constantly overwhelmed with newfangled methods like web-shove, improbability panels, and all the hype about nanodata? AAPOR members who renew before Dec. 31 get 50% off the 2018 Webinar Package. Now you can be the first to learn about the next big thing in survey research.

#7 If you don't, we are just going to keep calling you and calling you. It's what we do. On an unrelated note, have you seen AAPOR's report on The Future of US General Population Telephone Survey Research?

#6 If you don't, you'll end up staring longingly into your mailbox for the POQ that will never come. Check out the recent article in the 2017 Fall edition "Why are negative Questions Difficult to Answer?" Doesn't that make you want to renew AAPOR now?

#5 If you don't, you'll make the AAPOR President angry - you wouldn't like him when he's angry. We're kidding. The AAPOR President doesn't get angry. He's a very nice guy and would love to tell you more about why you should join AAPOR. Call him at 867-5309.

#4 Just like you, AAPOR values conclusions supported by facts and empirical research. For example, did you know that survey after survey shows that the people who have the most birthdays live the longest? Share your survey research results in any of our three journals - POQ, JSSAM and Survey Practice.

#3 If you don't, how are you going to vote for the next T-shirt winner. AAPOR's Annual T-shirt submissions contain some really fun jokes that let us enjoy ourselves.

#2 AAPOR values its members and recognizes how much they love surveys. That's why all AAPOR members are asked to complete a 6,000 question web survey every year. Isn't it fun being a respondent for a change?!

And the number 1 reason to renew your AAPOR membership? More weighting jokes that the American Statistical Association. Don't weight to join...join to weight!