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Conference Short Courses

Don't miss these exciting short courses at the 73rd Annual Conference in Denver!
Designing mixed-mode surveys (Vera Toepoel)
Smartphones: from surveys to sensors (Peter Lugtig/Vera Toepoel)
Data Visualization for Survey Research: From data collection, through budgets and production, to reports and presentations (Nola du Toit/Edward Mulrow)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications in the Social Sciences: Maps, Mappable Data, and Geospatial Analysis (Ned English/Ilana Ventura
Multilevel Regression and Post-stratification (Doug Rivers)
From Ground Rules to Group Dynamics: Moderating Focus Groups for Social Science Research (Darby Steiger)
Nonprobability Sampling and Analysis for Population Inference (Richard Valliant/Jill Dever)