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Chapter Spotlight: MAPOR

by Matt Courser, 2016-17 MAPOR President
MAPOR had an amazing and incredibly busy 41st year!  We just completed our Annual Conference on November 18 and 19, 2016.  The conference featured 201 attendees, a Keynote Address from Scott Keeter of the Pew Research Center, a short course from Scott Crawford, and a Pedagogy Hour led by Sherry Emery of NORC.  The conference also included two panels, our second Respondent-Interviewer Workgroup, and submissions from 43 different institutions (highlighting that the Midwest is definitely a state of mind!).

As part of our 2016 conference, MAPOR also welcomed two new MAPOR Fellows, Joe Murphy of RTI and Julie Andsager of the University of Tennessee—Knoxville.

During our 2015-16 year, MAPOR also sponsored two successful webinars and during the summer held our first informal Mixer.

All of these activities supported MAPOR’s mission of bringing public opinion researchers together to learn and to share our work.

MAPOR also made significant progress from an organizational standpoint.  We achieved financial stability through record support from our sponsors, the conference short course, and conference attendance.  We also negotiated and signed a 3 year contract with the Embassy Suites, providing the organization with a conference home through 2019 at a cost that is sustainable. Together with this, we were able to renew the license for our organizational management software at our current rates (which reflect deeply discounted prices).

Finally, one of the things that makes MAPOR unique is that we have a broad focus on public opinion research and we bring both communication researchers and survey researchers together.  In support of this, MAPOR reached out to a wider array of academic departments and scholars to invite them to MAPOR.

As we enter our 42nd year, MAPOR is poised for further growth in support of our mission.  We will continue reaching out to organizations, departments, and scholars who may not be aware of MAPOR (or who may not have been a part of MAPOR for awhile).  We will pilot a program to provide student sponsorships to our 2017 conference.  And, we will look at our governance, continue to refine our systems and organizational functioning, and work to provide additional service to and learning opportunities for our members.

If you would like to learn more about MAPOR or our upcoming activities, please visit our website at www.mapor.org.  Go MAPOR Go!