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What's New in AAPOR's Education Activities!

by Brady West, Education Committee Chair
This is an exciting time in the realm of AAPOR's educational programs, as we are welcoming several new volunteers and subcommittee chairs. Work is already underway on programming for 2018, and this promises to be an exciting year of continued growth in terms of educational offerings.

1. Upcoming 2017 Webinars
Mark your calendars for the remaining 2017 webinars! On September 14, we will be having a webinar on how to write a winning AAPOR abstract, featuring Trent Buskirk, Jen Dykema, Scott Keeter, and Mingnan Liu. On October 11, 2017, Michael Link will discuss new technologies and data science. Then, on November 14, 2017, Rick Valliant will present a webinar on survey weighting, and moving beyond dual-frame telephone weighting.

2. Call for 2018 Webinar Proposals
You may have seen a recent announcement on AAPORnet calling for new webinar proposals. If not, consider this a second heads up! We are looking for new and exciting ideas regarding webinars that would benefit the general AAPOR membership. We continue to analyze feedback from past webinar offerings and will do our best to develop a 2018 program that will give you, the members, the practical skills and training that you are looking for. We also want to start offering webinars presenting case studies of particular survey programs or methodological problems, and we would welcome proposals of this type as well.

Please consider submitting an online proposal for a 2018 webinar if you have any ideas in mind!

3. Call for Volunteers for New Vision of ResearchHack
Based on recent feedback from the AAPOR membership, we will be developing a completely new version of ResearchHack for the 2018 annual conference. To make our vision for this more streamlined, exciting, and ultimately productive activity a reality, the ResearchHack subcommittee is looking for new volunteers who would be interested in helping with this effort. Please contact Jennifer Kelley ([email protected]) if you are interested in helping out in this regard.

4. Call for ResearchHack Sponsors
As a part of this new vision for ResearchHack, we will be looking for sponsors to first present important survey research problems that they are grappling with in their daily business. Sponsors will be able to hear pitches for addressing that problem, and ultimately provide financial support for the team developing the "winning" plan to implement that plan. Our vision is that development of a solution to the stated problem by the winning team will ultimately benefit the sponsor, making this a win-win situation. If you are interested in this type of sponsorship opportunity, please contact Jennifer Kelley for more details.

5. AAPOR Short Courses and Webinars Will Now Be Eligible for PRC Credits
Members who took a short course at the 2017 Annual Conference or have recently taken an AAPOR webinar will soon be able to obtain PRC credit for engaging in these educational activities. Visit the PRC page for more details. If you have taken one of these short courses or participated in a recent webinar, please stay tuned to your email for more information about this exciting new collaboration with Insights Association.

Thank you for your continued interest in AAPOR's educational offerings, and we hope to interact with you soon!