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Transparency Initiative Update

by Ashley Kirzinger and Tim Triplett, TICC Co-Chairs
In October, AAPOR will be celebrating three years of the Transparency Initiative. The TICC (Transparency Initiative Coordinating Committee) has been hard at work throughout the year conducting the biennial reviews of all members who joined in 2014 and 2015.  As of July, almost half of all TI members have passed their review or are presently under review. We appreciate the commitment these members have made to the disclosure of research methods for the past several years. As a direct result of their unwavering commitment, AAPOR’s Executive Council approved waiving the fee for membership in the Transparency Initiative. While a fee had not yet been implemented, both an application fee and annual fee had been included in the planning when the TI was established in 2014.  The members of the TICC strongly advocated for eliminating this proposed fee from the TI’s policies and procedures and in July 2017, this motion was approved. We look forward to continuing the work of the TICC and growing our membership to more AAPOR members. For more information, please visit the TI membership webpage.