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Chapter Spotlight: SAPOR

by Tamara Terry, 2017 SAPOR President
Greetings AAPOR members! I am thrilled to share more about our 36th annual SAPOR conference. We have a lot in store for this year’s conference attendees. The conference will be held in downtown Raleigh, NC, October 5-6, 2017. We invite researchers to submit papers ASAP as our extended deadline of August 18th is quickly approaching.
The theme for this year’s conference is Establishing Validity and Avoiding Misinformation in Survey Research. An increasing trend of late has been that survey results are under heightened levels of scrutiny. Social media and news sites make sharing information as easy as a few “clicks”. The downside is that inaccurate, heavily biased, or skewed information can be quickly dispersed, and more individuals are faced with the challenge of fact-checking and trying to tease out what is valid versus what is not. We are interested to hear what researchers are doing to overcome this obstacle, both by ensuring the data they collect are statistically sound, and in bolstering confidence in scientific research among study participants and research audiences.
We are also privileged to have Dr. Timothy Johnson as our keynote speaker for this year’s conference. Dr. Johnson is the current AAPOR President and Professor of Public Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
SAPOR recognizes the need for all people to participate in and benefit from scientific involvement and reaffirms the principles of diversity and inclusion that AAPOR supports. This year SAPOR will host a panel session on the topic of diversity and inclusion. Our invited guests will discuss barriers and solutions to representation and inclusion of minority populations within a variety of domains, including staffing, academics, leadership and development, and respondent groups.
You don’t want to miss our conference this year. This conference will be EPIC and inclusive…Similar to our SAPOR Party at AAPOR!!