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Transparency Initiative Update

by Tim Johnson, Chair, Transparency Initiative Coordinating Committee

Our Coordinating Committee continues to build and develop AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative. We recently completed a TI member survey to learn more about what participating organizations think about their involvement. We were pleased with members’ overall positive reactions to the Transparency Initiative. This month, we’re sharing some of the many favorable comments that were volunteered by some of those respondents. The full survey results will be released at the AAPOR conference in May.


  • “The Transparency Initiative speaks to Abt SRBI's commitment to conducting rigorous, scientific research in the public interest. Transparency in research methods builds confidence, provides users with the information they need to evaluate public opinion research, and contributes to the ongoing development of our field.” -Ben Phillips, Vice President, Abt/SRBI.


  • "Being a part of the Transparency Initiative has helped our Institute reflect upon the way that we share our methods with the public and has led to an enhancement of the process by which we release our results." -Chris Borick, Director, Institute of Public Opinion, Muhlenberg College
  • “Trust is essential to our organization’s outreach and working relationships. TI membership strengthens our capabilities to provide clear, technical information about our survey research methods, and in turn, that approach signals quality assurance and builds trust with our audiences.” -Paul DiPerna, Vice President, Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice