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Students and Early Career AAPOR Pre-Conference Guide

Is AAPOR 2016 in Austin, TX your first time at the conference? Are you not sure what to expect? Or do you just want more information on AAPOR2016 and Austin itself? The Student and Early Career Engagement Subcommittee has just what you need: The Guide for New Attendees
Use the guide to find student and early career professional-specific activities at the conference and decide what the best ways for you to network at the conference are. The guide can help you decide that!  Need help making the most of your trip to Austin? The guide has information just for you!

We've organized the guide into key sections to help answer your questions:
1.     All about the AAPOR Student and Early Career Engagement Subcommittee
2.     Activities that Benefits Students and Early Career Professionals
3.     Practical Information about the AAPOR Annual Conference
4.     Conference Tips and Highlights
5.     Searching for a Job or Internship at AAPOR
6.     Things to Do in Austin
7.     Getting the Most out of Your AAPOR Membership
The Student and Early Career Engagement Subcommittee is committed to providing resources and information to students, early career professionals, and new conference attendees about the annual conference so that you can make the most of your experience at the conference. In addition to the overall guide to the conference, check out the Day-by-Day Guide for FAQs about events at the conference, highlights of things to do and student and early career specific offerings you’ll find throughout the AAPOR 2016 program.
Some AAPOR 2016 Highlights:
Meeting Areas:  New this year, the AAPOR conference will have a meeting area for new members (not just students and early career folks). This is a great place for you to meet other AAPOR members and find out more about AAPOR.  Look for more information in your registration packet when you check in at the conference and be sure to stop by throughout the conference!

Exhibit Hall Raffles and Book Discounts:  The AAPOR conference always has fun activities to encourage AAPOR members to network at the conference.  This year AAPOR will also hold an Exhibit Hall bingo game raffle for AAPOR members who visit sponsors exhibiting in the exhibit hall before and after conference sessions and during session breaks.  If you collect B-I-N-G-O on your playing card, you'll be entered to win a $100 gift certificate! 

Also in the Exhibit Hall, AAPOR conference attendees can enter the AAPOR book exhibit raffle and receive discounts for books on sale during the conference. 

Docent Program:  For new conference attendees, the docent program is offered each year to help new AAPOR members familiarize themselves with the conference and meet other AAPOR members.  Those who sign up for the docent program will be contacted by their docent leaders prior to the conference and will have an opportunity to meet them (and their small docent group) Thursday afternoon at the all-new Docent Program Meet & Greet Kick-Off from 3-4PM in the Exhibit Hall before the All Member reception begins.  This is a good time at the beginning of the conference to network with other new conference attendees and to ask your docent any questions about the conference or AAPOR membership that you might have.

Social Media: AAPOR will be maintaining both Twitter and Facebook accounts leading up to and throughout the conference.  Be sure to stay up-to-date with all the conference events by following and posting to #AAPOR and @AAPOR!
We hope that you find these highlights and guides helpful as you prepare for AAPOR2016.  If you have any questions about the conference please submit your questions to the subcommittee here!  We’ll be sure to respond ASAP and your questions help us improve the guides for the next conference!
Looking forward to seeing you all in Austin in just a few weeks,

The AAPOR Student and Early Career Subcommittee
Justine Bulgar-Medina, Jessica Holzberg, Mingnan Liu, Kristen Olson, Herschel Sanders, Clarissa Steele, Celeste Stone, Dave Vannette, Megumi Watanabe, Anna Wiencrot, and Sara Yeo