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AAPOR Member Profile: Ashley Hyon

by Alian Kasabian
If you are in Toronto this May, you can follow the cowbell to find Ashley Hyon. Ashley is one of the behind-the-scenes folks that keep the AAPOR conference running. She has served in a variety of roles – docent, judge, conference support. Most recently, she led the 2018 Speed Networking event in Denver. She said that it is a lot of work leading up to the conference, but the actual event – working with volunteers and the “infamous” cow bells – is so much fun, she agreed to do it again this year. 
When not ringing cowbells to help get networkers moving, Ashely is the Vice President of Research and Survey Methods at Marketing Systems Group (MSG), where she has worked since 1997 in various roles. Ashley has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and International Business from Temple University, and a master’s degree in Survey Research from the University of Connecticut. She uses her expertise to help clients with their survey designs and recruitment strategies for data collection. Her co-authored papers were published in Public Opinion Quarterly and the American Statistical Association’s JSM Proceedings. (“Address Based Sampling Frames for Beginners” is exactly what it says, and is a nice explanation of the basics for anyone new to ABS.) 
Ashley is also an active member in regional chapters and served the community as a President of the PANJAAPOR chapter. After almost two decades as a member of AAPOR, we asked her what keeps her coming back? She said, “The people for sure!  Everyone is very nice and approachable regardless of where they are in their career.” The collective knowledge and experience of the collective are also important to Ashley. The infusion of ideas from the conference – both from presentations and conversations – spur her creativity. She sees this as the future of AAPOR: the melding of the breadth of knowledge from long-standing members with the new ideas and technical expertise of recent graduates and early career members.