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Transparency Initiative Spotlight: Eva Aizpurua, Mitch Avery, Andrew Stephenson University of Northe

by Ashley Kirzinger and Tim Triplett, TICC Co-Chairs
The CSBR staff (left to right: Andrew Stephenson, Mitch Avery, and Eva Aizpurua) showing off where they post the AAPOR TI Disclosure Elements for the staff.
All organizations involved in AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative have agreed to train their employees in TI principles and procedures for compliance. As a charter member of AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative, the staff at University of Northern Iowa’s Center for Social and Behavioral Research (CSBR) are strong advocates of research transparency, and even push their clients to be more transparent.

The CSBR staff including Dr. Eva Aizpurua (postdoctoral scholar), Mitch Avery (project coordinator), and Andrew Stephenson (project coordinator) have worked to create qualitative and quantitative templates for the methodology sections of client reports. According to the staff, “We use these templates along with TI educational materials available on the AAPOR website to ensure that all relevant disclosure items are included in our reports. Our commitment to the TI has provided opportunities to talk to our clients about the importance the elements of disclosure in their reports, the value of openness and transparency in research methods in public opinion research, and ultimately, why this elevates the quality and rigor of their work.”

The CSBR staff thinks the Transparency Initiative Coordinating Committee could work on helping organizations understand how much flexibility is allowed in how organizations report on their methods. “We sometimes put all of the required elements in the early methodology section of the report and other times, we put many of the more technical elements (e.g., weighting info) in an appendix. Having latitude about where (but not whether) elements are disclosed is important,” reported the CSBR staff. One way the TICC is hoping to address this is through more workshops assisting organizations on how to become more transparent. Ashley Kirzinger, co-chair of the TICC, will be completing one of these at the PAPOR short course titled “Building a Better Researcher: Advice for 2018 and Beyond.” More information is available at www.papor.org.

In addition, based on suggestions provided by the CSBR staff, the TICC is asking TI members to provide examples of their methodology materials to show other organizations how to be transparent, regardless of the methodology employed. Please submit your materials to [email protected].

The TICC is very thankful for the hard work of University of Northern Iowa’s Center for Social and Behavior Research for their continued commitment to methodological disclosure.