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New POQ Editors Selected

AAPOR’s Executive Council is pleased to announce that Allyson Holbrook, from the University of Illinois and Eric Plutzer, from Penn State University, have been selected as the next editors-in-chief for Public Opinion Quarterly. The team will also include associate editors with different foci. Associate editors focused on survey methodology are Ipek Bilgen from NORC at the University of Chicago, Florian Keusch from the University of Mannheim and the Joint Program in Survey Methodology, Stas Kolenikov from Abt Associates, and Jolene Smyth from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Associate editors focused on opinion, behavior, elections, and communication include Amber Boydstun from the University of California Davis, Julie Pacheco from the University of Iowa, Candis Watts Smith from Penn State University. Section editors include poll trends editor Israel Waismel-Manor from University of Haifa and book review editor Travis Rideout from Washington State University.

This change in editorial team occurs as AAPOR is in the midst of an overall review of its journals and their structure and role. Allyson and Eric are excited to continue the important work of publishing POQ and are planning some updates to the journal, including increasing POQs visibility and social media presence, updating policies regarding research transparency and replicability, ensuring the diversity of authors and reviewers, and incorporating research that examines new methods and approaches to measuring public opinion.

The new editorial team will start reviewing manuscripts on July 1 and the transition will be finalized by end-of-year 2020. Articles submitted before July 1 will continue to be processed by the current POQ team.


Allyson Holbrook
University of Illinois
Eric Plutzer
Penn State University

Associate and Section Editors
Ipek Bilgen
NORC at the University of Chicago
Amber Boydstun
University of California Davis
Florian Keusch
University of Mannheim
Joint Program in Survey Methodology
Stas Kolenikov
Abt Associates
Julie Pacheco
University of Iowa
Travis Rideout
Washington State University
Jolene Smyth
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Israel Waismel-Manor

University of Haifa
Candis Watts Smith
Penn State University