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Blue Book

The Blue Book is a directory of organizations that provide public opinion research services and information. The contact person for each organization listed in the directory is a member of AAPOR and/or WAPOR.


The AAPOR Blue Book – has gone "Green!" The directory has been upgraded to an INTERACTIVE, SEARCH FRIENDLY and EASILY ACCESSIBLE guide to anyone looking for the very best in survey and public opinion research services. Dynamic and continuously updated, the Blue Book is THE place to go for information and access to AAPOR and WAPOR's extensive directory of service providers.

The online Blue Book is the premier one-stop shop for organizations interested in election polling, market research and new methodologies for the collection of qualitative and quantitative data. AAPOR headquarters frequently receives calls for recommendations for companies or consultants who can help with opinion research. From political polling to multi-lingual interviewing, the Blue Book is our answer.

This exceptional resource is available free of charge to consumers, allowing them the ability to search by keyword or company name, and to create an on-the-fly PDF of the entire directory.

The Blue Book includes only the companies and services of current AAPOR and WAPOR members.