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QUALPOR is intended for any AAPOR member who is managing, conducting, or has an interest in qualitative research methods. The purpose of this group is to advance the discipline of qualitative research within AAPOR by offering a forum in which AAPOR members can share best practices, exchange resources, and discuss new approaches to qualitative research design as well as ways to improve on the integrity of these designs along with the quality and usefulness of the outcomes.

QUALPOR hopes to achieve these goals by:
  • Providing an open environment that encourages a free exchange of ideas;
  • Providing numerous networking opportunities;
  • Encouraging QUALPOR members’ involvement in the AAPOR conference and webinar series; and,
  • Responding to the individual and collective needs of its members.

If you are interested in joining QUALPOR or for more information please contact Kathleen Kephart ([email protected]) or Colleen Colbert ([email protected]).


Please join us for the QUALPOR Panel and Meet-Up at the 2022 AAPOR Conference

  • QUALPOR Panel: Effective Techniques for Increasing Qualitative Credibility and Transparency. Thursday, May 12 from 3:45 -- 5:15 PM in the Wrigleyville conference room.  Click here for more information on the session.
  • QUALPOR Member Meet-up: Thursday, May 12 from 7:00 – 8:00 AM in the Lincoln Boardroom. This is a chance for QUALPOR members to get together and learn about mutual interests. This is not a business meeting, and there is no formal agenda. Members can pick up breakfast in the Exhibit Hall and join Co-Secretary Melissa Dunn Silesky for an informal breakfast get-together. Members do not need to sign up ahead of time. Contact: Melissa Dunn Silesky, QUALPOR Co-Secretary at [email protected] or 973-945-9999 if you have questions.


The February 2022 Learning Burst presentation, Online Focus Groups: A Panel Discussion of Current Best Practices can be viewed or downloaded here.


The April 2022 issue of QUALPOR News can be downloaded here! In this issue:
  • Meet the New QUALPOR Leadership Team
  • "Providing a Voice For Populations Typically Not Covered in Public Opinion Research" By Neil Ruiz
  • Don't Miss the QUALPOR Panel in Chicago!
  • Thinking About Submitting to POQ? Let's Have Coffee! By Allyson L. Holbrook & Eric Plutzer
  • QUALPOR! Conference is Coming Up Quick! By Darby Steiger
  • QUALPOR's Learning Bursts Holds Inaugural Event and Needs Your Input to Plan More Sessions for 2022 By Ken Croes
  • An Update From the QUALPOR Standards & Best Practices Committee By Amber Ott
  • The Qualitative Research Track and 2022 Award Winners
  • New Member Corner
  • Webinars, Conferences, & Go-to Resources

September 2021 issue of “QUALPOR News” can be downloaded here.
April 2021 issue of “QUALPOR News” can be downloaded here
September 2020 issue of "QUALPOR News" can be downloaded here