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It’s ‘Back-to-School’ with AAPOR!
And we would love to attend class at Your School!

AdobeStock_81364623.jpegThe bell has rung, school has started, and AAPOR would like to be a part of your day.

The Diversity Subcommmittee of the AAPOR Education Committee would like to invite professors and other instructors or staff in advanced education institutions to participate in a very exciting project with us!

Simply put, we want to send you a speaker (‘Send-a-Speaker’) to present highlights about AAPOR and to generate enthusiasm for AAPOR membership. 

We will send one of our AAPOR members with either an affiliation to the school or who is a resident of the area to the school to give a presentation to students. 

The presentation will focus on the speaker’s background, create interest in AAPOR by explaining the benefits of the organization as well as highlight the path and career of the speaker that merged into their respective AAPOR membership.

We only ask that you help us by suggesting convenient options for date and time.

That’s it. The easy part is done. Then, we at AAPOR will work with you further to coordinate a date for presenting. 

And this is not limited to you, the reader! If you think of anyone else at your school who would like such a presentation, we are glad to create room in our schedule to class-hop! We welcome returning for a full day of school!

We will even send you a copy of the slides that we plan to use.

Thank you for your interest and in advance for your help!  We look forward to participating. All hands are up!

For more information, please contact:
The Diversity Subcommittee of the AAPOR Education Committee
Vicki Pineau, Chair