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Cell Phone Task Force Report

New Considerations for Survey Researchers
When Planning and Conducting RDD Telephone Surveys in the U.S. With Respondents Reached via Cell Phone Numbers



AAPOR Cell Phone Task Force


Prepared for AAPOR Council by the Cell Phone Task Force operating under the auspices of the AAPOR Standards Committee, with members including:

Paul J. Lavrakas, Task Force Chair
Stephen Blumberg, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Michael Battaglia, Abt Associates
John Boyle, Abt SRBI Inc.
Michael Brick, Westat
Trent Buskirk, St. Louis University
Charles DiSogra, Knowledge Networks
David Dutwin, SSRS
Mansour Fahimi, Genesis/MSG
Howard Fienberg, CMOR/MRA
Anna Fleeman, Arbitron
Thomas M. Guterbock, University of Virginia
John Hall, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Scott Keeter, Pew Research Center
Courtney Kennedy, Abt SRBI Inc.
Michael Link, The Nielsen Company
Linda Piekarski, Survey Sampling International
Charles D. Shuttles, The Nielsen Company
Charlotte Steeh, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Trevor Tompson, The Associated Press
Randall ZuWallack, MACRO


  1. Introduction
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Background
  4. Coverage and Sampling for RDD Cell Phone Surveys
  5. Nonresponse in RDD Cell Phone Surveys
  6. Measurement in RDD Cell Phone Surveys 
  7. Weighting in RDD Cell Phone Surveys
  8. Legal and Ethical Issues in RDD Cell Phone Surveys
  9. Operational Issues in RDD Cell Phone Surveys
  10. Costs in RDD Cell Phone Surveys
  11. Conclusions and Disclosure Recommendations
  12. References and Additional Readings
  13. Glossary
  14. APPENDIX A: Address-Based Sampling (ABS) as an Alternative to Sampling Cell Phone Exchanges 
  15. APPENDIX B: Examples of Questions used by Major Survey Organizations for the Purposes of Weighting Cell Phone Samples
  16. APPENDIX C: Considerations for Sample Design, Estimates, Weighting and Costs

Download a PDF of the AAPOR 2010 Cell Phone Task Force Report.

Addendum to 2010 AAPOR Cell Phone Task Force Report