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Transitions from Telephone Surveys to Self-Administered and Mixed-Mode Surveys
Released October 23, 2019 | Download the Summary | Download the Full Report 

Spam Flagging and Call Blocking and Its Impact on Survey Research
Released February 12, 2018 | Download the PDF

An Evaluation of 2016 Election Polls in the U.S.
Released May 4, 2017 | Download the PDF | Watch the Press Conference Video

The Future Of U.S. General Population Telephone Survey Research
Released April 25, 2017 | Download the PDF

Evaluating Survey Quality in Today's Complex Environment 
Released June 23, 2016 | Download the PDF

Task Force Report on Address-based Sampling
Released January 12, 2016 | Download the PDF

Task Force Report on Big Data
Released February 12, 2015 | Download the PDF

Current Knowledge and Considerations Regarding Survey Refusals
Released September 8, 2014 | Download the PDF

Social Media and Public Opinion Research
Released May 30, 2014 | Download the PDF

Mobile Technologies for Conducting, Augmenting and Potentially Replacing Surveys
Released May 12, 2014 | Download the PDF

Polling and Democracy
Released September 2, 2013 I Download the PDF

Non-Probability Sampling
Released June 22, 2013 | Download the PDF

2010 Cell Phone Task Force Report
Released October 28, 2010 | Download the PDF

Opt In Online Panel Task Force Report
Released June 2010 | Download the PDF

Report to the AAPOR Standards Committeee on the Status of Human Subjects Protection Training Requirements
Released May 16, 2009 | Download the PDF

An Evaluation of the Methodology of the 2008 Pre-Election Primary Polls
Released March 30, 2009 | Download the PDF 

2008 Cell Phone Task Force Report
Released April, 2008 | Download the PDF

Pre-Election Polling in New Hampshire: What Went Wrong?
Released January 1, 2008