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Social Networking: Changing the Way We Communicate & Form Opinions

Bob Fawson & Jackie Lorch

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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About This Course

This webinar will help you understand how social networking trends our reshaping our world and influencing opinions. The instructors will present the results of SSI's groundbreaking study on who's really using social networking, for what activities, how often and through which sites (plus what's driving their actions and preferences). They will take a close-up look at the social media "avids"– those spending five or more hours a week social networking. Across all age groups, from 13 - 66+, avid users are most likely to post comments, answer polls and share opinions on brands. Based on a new SSI study, they will reveal who the “avids” are, how they are different, whether they are opinion shapers, early adopters and high-volume consumers and if they are the same people influencing through traditional media or a unique group. 

You will gain an in-depth view of these new communicators who are influencing the social media world.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand why social networking has become a part of life, and for whom.
  2. Learn what makes someone an "avid" social networking user, and if they are effective opinion shapers or early adopters.
  3. Find out if/how social networking sources are different than other sources to gather opinions.

About the Instructors


Bob Fawson is Chief Access, Supply and Engagement Officer at SSI. Prior to SSI, he served the same role at Opinionology, which later joined with Survey Sampling International to form SSI. While at Opinionology, Bob expanded the company's portfolio of online sampling methods and improved methods for managing online panel inventories. Known for his expertise across diverse topics, from panel recruiting to sample routing to address-based sampling, he is a frequent speaker at market research events. Bob first joined Opinionology to manage its online client service and project management team. He holds an Master of Science in Political Science and Applied Economics from Utah State University.


Jackie Lorch, Vice President of Knowledge Management at SSI, has 20 years of experience in sampling for market research. She was a member of the development team for SSI's first online sample product and managed SSI's online panel for several years. She is a frequent contributor to industry publications and speaker at industry events, including the ESOMAR Panel Conference and Congress, and the ARF, AMA and CASRO Annual Conferences. She has served on several industry committees seeking to improve online sample quality, including the ARFQC committee and the ACE committee.She has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Greek from the University of Leeds, England, and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.