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Webinar Details

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications in the Social Sciences: Maps, Mappable Data

Ned English, MS
Thursday, July 11, 2019
12:00 Noon Central Time

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About This Course:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has become a popular tool to compile, present, and understand data in the social sciences.  This webinar is designed for those with minimal GIS knowledge who want a practical introduction to learn the basics of presenting social scientific data on a map and conducting simple geospatial analyses.  An underlying message will be how maps and geospatial analyses can be used to facilitate and enhance current research programs.

This webinar includes an introduction to basic cartographic principles and GIS in general, as well as examples of how survey responses and demographic data can be visualized using GIS maps, both static and interactive. We also discuss how single and multi-variate maps are used in the social sciences, in addition to specific geospatial analyses.  We use examples in ArcGIS, a popular proprietary GIS package software, and GeoDa, an open source free GIS programs.

Webinar Level:


Learning Objectives:   

  • Understand how maps and mappable data are commonly applied in the social sciences
  • Discuss how GIS can be used to enhance analysis and presentation
  • Understand the utility of specific geospatial analyses such as cluster and hot-spot maps

About the Instructors:


Ned English is a Senior Research Methodologist with considerable experience in geographic information systems (GIS), spatial analyses, sample design, global positioning systems, and data analysis. Ned is responsible for the Geographic Information GIS capacity at NORC, in addition to project management, sample design, and analysis on numerous studies across disciplines. Formally trained as a geographer, Ned has diverse theoretical and applied experience in the areas of GIS and extant data analysis with regard to survey methodology, sample design, data linkage, and data visualization. Ned is also considered a leader in the survey field with respect to address-based sampling (ABS) research for in-person and multi-mode surveys, as a member of the AAPOR ABS taskforce and work published in peer-reviewed journals and monographs. Part of his ABS research focus has been on using GIS and commercial lists to target rare or hard-to-reach populations.
Prior to NORC he worked as a GIS consultant implementing mapping and spatial solutions for numerous clients in the public and private sectors.