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Webinar Details

R for SPSS Users: A User Friendly Introduction Using Rcommander

Trent Buskirk, PhD
Wednesday, April 27, 2016
12:00 - 1:30 PM CDT/ 1:00 - 2:30 PM EDT/ 10:00 - 11:30 AM PDT

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About This Course:

This webinar is intended to provide a bridge from SPSS into R and will focus on one specific package freely available in R called Rcommander. This package provides the R user with a graphical user interface similar to SPSS. While commands and analyses and graphs are generated using the point-and- click interface provided by the Rcommander package, an active syntax window allows users to "climb the steep syntax learning curve" and to easily replicate analyses and other data oriented tasks. We will cover three main aspects of Rcommander to provide the SPSS user new to R with a firm foundation upon which additional aspects of the R environment can be learned. Specifically, we focus on (1) working with data in R; (2) graphing data in R and (3) basic data analyses in R. The three main foci will be discussed and reinforced with very tangible and practical examples with a focus on step-by-step instructions and an overall aim at providing self-sufficiency in the R environment.
The workshop assumes no prior knowledge of R but attendees will be well served to have R installed on their computers with administrative rights to install the Rcommander package within the R environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the R statistical computing environment and be able to import and export data sets from various packages including Excel and SPSS using the Rcommander interface.
  • Demonstrate how to execute various graphical procedures and statistical tests using the Rcommander package.
  • Identify basic R syntax as illustrated through the Rcommander interface. Throughout the course, whenever possible, we will emphasize this resource as a way to climb the learning curve of R syntax.

About the Instructor:

AAPOR-April-Webinar_Photo_small.jpgTrent D. Buskirk, received his Ph.D. in Statistics from Arizona State University with emphasis in Survey Sampling. Since that time Trent has developed specific expertise in Mobile and Smartphone Survey Designs and in the use of machine learning methods for developing sampling designs and adaptive survey protocols. Trent currently serves as the Vice President of Statistics and Methodology at the Marketing Systems Group (MSG). Prior to joining MSG, he conducted R&D at The Nielsen Company and prior to that was an Associate Professor of Biostatistics at the Saint Louis University School of Public Health where he taught courses in statistics using both SAS and R. Dr. Buskirk’s research has been published in leading survey, statistics and health related journals such as Field Methods, Journal of Royal Statistical Society, Social Science Computer Review, Journal of Official Statistics, Preventative Medicine, Cancer, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, Survey Methods: Insights from the Field and Methods, Data and Analysis. Over the past four years he has also contributed to AAPOR by teaching or co-teaching conference short courses and webinars. Dr. Buskirk is also the current President of MAPOR and the Publications Officer for ASA's Survey Research Methods Section.