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AAPOR Webinar Package FAQs

If I purchased the webinar package do I need to register for each individual webinar?
No. If you purchased the package, you are automatically registered for the live webinar and will receive access to the recording for each.
How do I know my purchase went through?
You will receive a confirmation receipt identifying the package has been purchased.
If I didn’t purchase the package at the time of my dues payment, can I still purchase it?
Yes. You can purchase it here: https://register.aapor.org/subscription.aspx?id=WEBINAR_PKG
When will I get the login instructions?
The login instructions will be emailed to you two (2) days prior, and just prior to the webinar.
Can I share the live webinar or the recording with my colleagues?
No. However, you can set up the live webinar or the recording in a conference room for your colleagues to view with you. You are not allowed to forward the login information.
Can I get a refund for a webinar if I purchased it in addition to the package?
Yes, you can. Please contact the office to confirm you have purchased both and they will start the refund process.
When will the recordings be available and how do I access them?
We will email you approximately one week after the live webinar with instructions on how to access the recording. You will have indefinite access to them.

Here are the 2021 Webinars:
Topic Presenter(s) Month
An Introduction to AAPOR: "A Meeting Place and More..." Tom W. Smith, Janice M. Ballou, Adam Safir, Morgan Earp, Reg Baker, and Don A. Dillman Jan
The Household Pulse Survey: Design and Uses Jennifer Hunter Childs and Jason M. Fields Feb
Survey Reserch in Low- and Middle-Income Countries During the COVID-19 Pandemic  Charels Lau April
Cognitive Interviewing and its Online Implementation "Web Probing" Dorothee Behr and Cornelia Neuert May
Using Designed Data to Correct for Errors in Big Data Kay Ricci, Meghan Beeman, Misty Saline June
Differential Privacy in the Real World Claire McKay Bowen July
How to Keep Up Within Your Field: Strategies for Continuous Learning Mario Callegaro Aug
AAPOR Taskforce on 2020 Election Polling Josh Clinton Sept
Survey-Based Experimentation Scheduling Paul J. Lavrkas and Edith Leeuw Oct
Using Social Media for Web Survey Recruitment Simon Kuhne and Zaza Zindel Nov
Using Mixed Methodological Designs to Address Complex Problems Michelle Nichols Dec

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