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Policy Impact Nomination Information/Process

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The AAPOR Policy Impact Award is intended to recognize outstanding research that has resulted in a clear impact on improving policy decisions, practice and discourse, either in the public or private sectors.

Research organizations or individuals are encouraged to submit nominations detailing:

  • The policy issues under study
  • How the research strategy addressed the issues
  • All methods utilized to conduct the research
  • How the research shaped or influenced decisions, policy formulation or public discourse about it
  • Assessment of how the resulting policy, practice or decision was informed by the research or how the research had an impact on  the quality of public debate.

The nominations should come in the form of case studies. There is no one “set” formula or format for these submissions. Since there is a time lag between completion of studies and demonstrated policy impact, this award does not specify a time frame for study completion. Generally, we expect that studies will have been completed in the past five years or so. Nominations can be submitted here. Nominations submitted without accompanying documentation and description of how the nominee excels at the criteria established for the award cannot be considered.
Entries will be evaluated by a committee chaired by AAPOR’s Past President. The Award is presented at the Annual Conference. The award may not be given every year.