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What is AAPOR’s Got Talent?

Is AGT a singing/dancing competition?
We are sure AAPOR members have singing and dancing talent or other hidden talents, but AGT is a research talent competition. AGT allows AAPOR members to develop original ideas for addressing some of the most pressing issues in survey research, and present their ideas to a panel of judges and the AAPOR membership at the annual conference


Do I need to actually do the research I am presenting at the conference?
No - you just need to present how you would do the research, the impact of the research, how it solves the research issue and any limitations. That's right - you don’t have to actually do the research - just wow the judges with your research design! For more information on presenting, please see the Presentation Guidelines.
How long should the presentation be?
Presentations should be no longer than 12 minutes. The time limit will be strictly enforced to give each team equal opportunity to present.
What should be included in my presentation?
Please see the Presentation Guidelines.
Does everyone member of the team have to present?
No - who presents is entirely at the discretion of the team and is not part of the judging criteria.
How much time will this take up at the conference? Will it interfere with other AAPOR events?
The event will take place during a normal conference session and will not interfere with other conference events.


I don’t have a team. Can I compete as an individual?
Yes! We have not limits on teams size.
Does my team have to be all from the same organization?
No - in fact, we encourage you to work with other organizations.
I want to compete, but I don’t want to compete as an individual.  Can you match me with other individuals that are in the same predicament?
We can put you in touch with other individuals, but we will not be forming teams. In other words, you will be responsible for contacting and forming your own team.
My organization is a sponsor. Can I participate in AGT?
Yes, you can compete!  We have an excellent and impartial judging panel, so no bias here!
I'm a federal employee. Am I allowed to participate in AGT?
While we welcome any interested parties to compete, certain people such as government employees who are attending AAPOR in an official capacity should refer to their respective ethics offices to see whether their agency would allow them to participate in AGT, which offers cash awards to the winners.
I participated in last year’s AGT. Am I allowed to participate in this year’s AGT?
Yes, you can compete! Even if you won or were the runner up, you can participate in this year’s AGT.

Prizes and Judging

Is there any strings attached to the prize money?
No - you are free to do what you want with the prize money!
How will the presentations be judged?
Please see the Judging Criteria document.
Who will be judging the presentations?
An esteemed panel of judges, along with an audience vote.
When will the winners be announced?
The winners will be announced at the conference banquet.


Who is my point of contact at the conference?
The AGT committee will be at the conference to answer and assist AGT competitors. Competitors will receive a contact list with names, numbers, and emails before the conference starts.
If I have questions before for the conference, who should I contact?
Please send any questions to AAPORGT2018@gmail.com.
What day and time is the AGT conference session?
As soon as we have a day and time we will notify all participants.
Will there be social or networking opportunities for AGT participants?
Yes, AGT will have reserved tables at the lunches, dinner and banquet. You will be able to network with other participants, judges, sponsors, and AGT organizers.