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AAPOR Poster Award Contest

An All-AAPOR virtual poster contest will be held during the AAPOR Virtual Conference.
All AAPOR virtual poster presenters can participate in this award contest. To be eligible for the award, attendees must have their poster abstracts accepted for presentation at the virtual conference and indicate that they want to participate in the poster contest at the time of accepting their virtual poster presentation. The award committee will consider all posters that relate to the study of public opinion and survey methodology, whether they focus on theory, substantive findings, research methods, including both qualitative and quantitative approaches, and/or statistical techniques used in such research.
Three prizes of $100 Amazon gift cards will be awarded to the posters judged the “best” overall based on the content of the poster, the quality of the visual display of information on the poster, and the ability of the presenter to successfully and succinctly present the subject matter in the poster through a pre-recorded audio description of their research. A panel of researchers from AAPOR’s membership, drawn from academic, commercial, government, and non-profit sectors, will judge the posters. The winning posters will be announced during the virtual conference.
The following winning posters will be identified:
  1. The best virtual poster overall
  2. The best student virtual poster
  3. The “people’s choice” award
All students posters will be presented at the same time.
To be eligible for the student virtual poster award, virtual poster presenters must be current students (graduate or undergraduate) at the time of the abstract submission, or must have received their degree during the preceding academic year. Faculty coauthors are permitted on student virtual posters, but the student must be the first and presenting author on the poster. The research must have been substantially completed while all student authors were enrolled in a degree program.
All attendees of the AAPOR virtual conference get to be part of the “people’s choice” award. Stay tuned for more details about how you can be involved at the conference!
Note that posters accepted for presentation must include all information required by the AAPOR Code of Professional Ethics & Practices.

Notice to Federal Employees

The Annual AAPOR Conference conforms to the OPM definition of a “developmental assignment.” It is intended for educational purposes; over three quarters of time schedule is for planned, organized exchange of information between presenters and audience, thereby qualifying under section 4101 of title 5, United States Code as a training activity. The AAPOR Conference is a collaboration in the scientific community, whose objectives are to provide a training opportunity to attendees; teach the latest methodology and approaches to survey research best practices; make each attendee a better survey researcher, and; maintain and improve professional survey competency.