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AAPOR Annual Conference Schedule Updates

Check here for the latest changes to the conference program:

Anti-Semitism in the Age of Trump
Ashley Grosse, YouGov; Jeffrey Karp, Brunel University London
will be presented in: Race to Understand America: the Minority Experience and Politics
Time and Date: 08:00 AM, 5/18/2018 
Location: Governor's Square 15

Using Linguistic Methodologies for Optimizing Data Quality in Focus Group Research Moved to Poster Session 2 from Learning from the Madness: Digital-Trace Data, Crowd-Sourcing, and Natural Language Processing

PORTAL:  Putting Census on the Map: An Overview of Census Data Products Moved to  1:45pm on Friday, May 18th

PORTAL:  The Design and Implementation of Mixed-Mode Surveys FROM: 1:45 on Friday,  May 18 Moved to 8:00am Thursday, May 17

Jack Fowler - Moderator - from Dragana Bolcic-Jankovic  Promises, Proxies, Paradata and Other Prospects for Reducing Measurement Error

Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before? Thomas Welton, U.S. Census Bureau Dan Perez-Lopez, U.S. Census Bureau
Daniel Lopez corresponding author Moved from Concurent Session I (Session 4) on Friday to a POSTER session 

Populism in America; Bannon, Breitbart, and the Rust Belt
Moderator: Nancy Belden, Belden Russonello Strategists
Governor's Square 12

Job Insecurity and Vote Choice in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election 
Chau Tong,  UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Why It Happened Here: Understanding The Evolving Political Climate Through a Social Values Analysis 
Keith Neuman, The Environics Institute for Survey Research
David Jamieson, Environics Research

Using Social Media Data to Track Populist Concerns
Claire Kelley, American Institutes for Research
Sarah Kelley, American Institutes for Research

The Effect of Numeric Information on Policy Attitudes: Addressing the Question of Causality
Brian Guay, Duke University

Triple Context Effect: Polling about sexual harassment in the Weinstein Era
Anne Schwichtenberg, Google
You know the ad with the three frogs: Effects of Question Order and Visual Design on Quantity and Elaboration of Recalled Brands will be presented in: Picture This! Improving Visual Design for Web, Mobile and Other Surveys
Time and Date: 8:30 AM, 5/19/2018
Location: Governor's Square 11

501 : What data do mobile survey apps collect Poster Session 3

AASRO Lunch Meeting - Tower Building, Windows Room

Sponsorship Committee 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

AAPOR Membership and Business Meeting - Director’s Row H

Concurrent Session E: Thursday May 17, 2018, 4:15.p.m – 5:45 p.m.
Tinkering with Tradition: Using Machine Learning Methods to Refine Survey Designs and Improve Survey Participation
Methodological Brief: Big Data/Data Science
Moderator:     Trent D. Buskirk, University of Massachusetts Boston
Location: Governor’s Square 11
It’s not child’s play - Developing a national probability-based sample frame of public playgrounds
Mary Losch, University of Northern Iowa
Ki Park, UNI Center for Social & Behavioral Research
Ashley Hyon, Marketing Systems Group (MSG)
Dennis Dalbey, Marketing Systems Group (MSG)
David Malarek, Marketing Systems Group (MSG)
Into the Sandbox!  Using Machine Learning with Neural Networks to Create Sampling Frames of Playgrounds and other Non-traditional Sampling Units
Adam Eck, Oberlin College
Trent D. Buskirk, University of Massachusetts Boston
Peter Stefek, Oberlin College
Ki Hyung Park, University of Northern Iowa
Mary Losch, University of Northern Iowa
Kenneth Fletcher, University of Massachusetts Boston
Evaluating Google Maps as a Sampling Frame for Religious Congregations
Dennis Quinn, Pew Research Center
Brad Fulton, University of Indiana
David King, Lake Institute on Faith and Giving, Indiana University
Using Machine Learning Methods to Improve Responsive Designs in Face-to-Face Surveys
Gonzalo Rivero, Westat
Roger Tourangeau, Westat
Brad Edwards, Westat
Tammy Cook, Westat
Using High Dimensional Learning for Responsive Matrix Sampling
Curtiss Cobb, Facebook
Sean Taylor, Facebook
Data-driven Prediction of Panel Attrition
Christoph Kern, University of Mannheim

The following presentations have been WITHDRAWN:
Paper: 931: The Search for Comparability in Answer Scales for Multilingual Surveys Ana Villar, City University of London
Withdrawn From: Concurrent Session B (Session 2) Thursday 8am 

Paper: Paper: 850: A Comparison of Two ABS Designs and a Census Balanced Non-Probability Quota Sample
Withdrawn From: I Bet Your Barista Doesn't Serve Up These Blends: Comparing Nonprobability and Probability Surveys and Their Combinations

Paper: Paper: 650: Taking Advantage of QR Code in a QR-savvy Society: Push for mobile web responses via QR code in a mail survey of Shanghai residents
Withdrawn From: IT is all about the Apps

Paper: 519: Effectiveness of unconditional incentives in online panel surveys 
Withdrawn From: Panel or Wallpaper? How to Cover your Survey Needs and other advice on Starting and Running an Online Panel

Poster: 541: Testing of Recruitment Advertisements with Consumer Neuroscience
Withdrawn From: Poster Session 1

Poster: 513: Online Testing of Advertising Duration and Viewability
Withdrawn From: Poster Session 1

Poster: 384: Sharing on Facebook: A Focus Group Study
Withdrawn From: Poster Session 1

Poster: 027: Usability Testing for Mobile: A Design of an Online Diary 
Withdrawn From: Poster Session 1

Paper: 043: You’ve Got Mail: What is the Effect of Adding Email Address Collection in a Mail-Based Survey?
Withdrawn From: Poster Session 2

Poster: 299: Weathering the Storm: Developing Communication Strategies for Disaster Preparedness
Withdrawn From: Poster Session 2

Poster: 835: Social Desirability Bias in Reporting Demographic Data
Withdrawn From: Poster Session 2

Poster: 583: Sight vs. Sound: How Survey Recall Bias Varies with Media Content Consumption
Withdrawn From: Poster Session 3

Poster: 840: Alternative Question Designs for “Other, Specify” Write-In Spaces: An Experiment in an Establishment Survey
Withdrawn From: Poster Session 3

Poster: 460: How Many Americans Have a Mixed Religious Identity?
Withdrawn From: Poster Session 3

Paper: 913: Robustness Check Against Survey Non-observation
Withdrawn From: S_RVEY Response: Finding Ways to Put U Back In

Paper: 811: Non-response in Web Surveys: Removing Cognitive Barriers to Participation with Embedded Question in Invitation Emails
Withdrawn From: Some tricks to increase clicks: Exploring methods for web-survey recruitment

Paper: 967: Mixed Mode Studies: The Need to Consider Race-Ethnicity and Language Factors
Withdrawn From: Speak my language or feel the effects.

Paper: 341: Partially Observed Covariates in Longitudinal Surveys
Withdrawn From: The M_SSING Link: New Methods for Imputation

Paper: 330: What Mobile Phone Survey Mode Produces the Most Representative Data? A Comparison of SMS, IVR, and CATI in Nigeria
Withdrawn From: To Have an Interviewer or Not to Have an Interviewer, that is the Question: Advances in Telephone Survey Methodology

443: Using Available Panel Respondent Data to Optimally Allocate Incentive Payments
Time After Time: Advances in Panel Management

PAPOR Student Paper Winner:  What is the best size for matrix-style questions in online surveys?
The Chapters Have Spoken and the Student Paper Winners Are…

452: What Did You Expect? Development of International Patient Expectations Survey
Poster Session 1

902: Assessing Community Type Metrics, Ruth Igielnik – from Exploring Trump’s America: Understanding the U.S. Electorate in the Era of Trump.

Data Driven Decisions & Responding to Target Populations: Using Responsive & Adaptive Design Strategies to Boost Response in Two Concurrent Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Behavior (MTSS-B) Survey Efforts
Jenny Nguyen, Decision Information Resources, Inc.; Cynthia Castaldo-Walsh, Decision Information Resources, Inc.; Chelsea Whiting, Decision Information Resources, Inc.; Sylvia R. Epps, Decision Information Resources, Inc. From: If I Adapt will you Respond?

Trump’s Win in the Rust Belt: Not Just Random Chance – from
Exploring Trump's America: Understanding the U.S. Electorate in the Era of Trump

Other Changes

THE PROGRAM SAYS:  Anthony Leiserowitz, Yale University; and the team members of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication at Yale University,for a new statistical method to downscale national public opinion estimates using multiple regression and post stratification (MPR) survey data collection methodology. Survey data collected in the future can be put into the model to generate undated estimates that account for changes in opinion over time. The New York Times has printed congressional level maps using the Yale Program’s findings to explain the difference in opinions and beliefs on climate changes to its readers. When it comes to the use of computer generated illustrations in news reporting, the innovations of the Yale Program will provide the important, detailed data required to truly understand public belief and attitudes.
Should be:   The 2018 AAPOR Innovator’s Award is given to Anthony Leiserowitz, Director, and the team members of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication at Yale University, for their work using a new statistical methodology to understand and map public opinion at high-resolution.  
Innovator's Award Committee: 

Nancy Belden, Belden Russonello Strategists - Chair
Tresa Undem, PerryUndem
Ruth Igielnik, Pew Research Center
Edward Rincon, Rincon & Associates, LLC

Public Opinion Ad-Hoc Committee:
Kathleen Weldon, The Roper Center - Chair
Nancy Belden, Belden Russonello Strategists
Kirby Goidel, Texas A&M University
Chase Harrison, Harvard University
Natalie Jackson, JUST Capital
Jocelyn Kiley, Pew Research Center
Frank Newport, Gallup
Rob Suls, Pew Research Center

Professional Development Workshop: Flash Mentoring will take place in Governor’s Square 17

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