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2020 Conference FAQs

2020 Conference Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated: May 19, 2020
Council’s decision not to hold the 75th Annual Conference and Anniversary Celebration in Atlanta raises many questions for our attendees, presenters, and sponsors. AAPOR council members, staff, and volunteers are working diligently to provide you information as soon as it is available. We will regularly update this FAQ list here. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this process.

General FAQs
Refunds and travel arrangements
Virtual conference
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      -General overview and program FAQs
      -Paper presentations
      -Posters and poster competition
      -Short courses
      -AAPOR 75
      -Business meeting
      -Exhibit hall
Technical considerations for participation
General FAQs:
1: Will the conference be held in person in Atlanta later this year?
A: No. The 75th Annual Conference will not be held in person in Atlanta or another city this year. The announcement of this decision can be read here.
2: Is the Conference cancelled?
A: We are excited to announce that AAPOR will be holding a Virtual Conference on June 11-12, 2020! The Conference Chair and the 2020 Conference Committee has restructured the conference into a format that is not dependent on a face-to-face meeting yet offers much of the same programming. See Schedule of Events and Short Courses.
3: Can I list the paper that I was scheduled to give on my CV or resume?
A: You can list the paper that you were scheduled to present as “Accepted for presentation at the 2020 75th annual meeting for the American Association for Public Opinion Research (Paper not presented because of COVID-19).” If you participate in the virtual conference, you can list the paper as “Presented at the 2020 75th annual meeting virtual conference for the American Association for Public Opinion Research.” 

4. Can I submit to JSM Proceedings? 
A: The American Statistical Association will be hosting their Joint Statistical Meeting virtually in August and is likely planning to publish the JSM proceedings. If this is the case, AAPOR presenters will be able to submit their papers to JSM proceedings.

5. Can I resubmit my withdrawn abstracts from the 2020 AAPOR Conference?
From 2021 AAPOR Conference Chair Kristen Olson: Withdrawn abstracts from the 2020 AAPOR Conference can be resubmitted as abstracts for the 2021 AAPOR Conference in Los Angeles. They will go through peer review per the regular abstract peer review system next year. Individuals will need to resubmit the abstract themselves. A question will be added to the abstract submission site allowing next year's Abstract Review Committee to identify those abstracts that had been proposed and accepted in 2020, but not presented. As always, abstract acceptance will be subject to space consideration and reviewer evaluations.

6: Will the 2020-2021 AAPOR Executive Council still take office at the traditional May meeting time?
A: Yes.

7: What were the method and results of the Presenter Interest Survey?
A: We surveyed submitters of the 793 confirmed abstracts and recorded 653 responses resulting in an 82% participation rate. More than half indicated initial interest. Among those interested, 60% said their interest depends on the specific format while 40% said they are interested regardless of format.
On March 16 at 2:01 P.M. Central, we distributed the survey to all confirmed presenters as of March 1st in the in-person conference program. An email prenotification was sent about 4 hours prior to survey distribution and a reminder was sent on March 19. Data collection ended at 6 P.M. Central on March 23. The survey was programmed in Survey Monkey and distributed by [email protected] via the abstract management system.

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Refunds and travel arrangements:
8: Will my registration be refunded?
A: We will issue refunds for the in-person conference registration fees for those who registered prior to March 13, 2020. If you registered for the in-person conference, click here to view your refund request options and instructions for how to submit them.

9: Will you be refunding membership dues?
A: No, we will not be refunding AAPOR membership dues. AAPOR offers many benefits to members beyond our annual meeting.

10: What will happen with my hotel reservation with the Atlanta Hilton?
A: AAPOR cannot cancel any hotel reservations on your behalf. You will need to cancel your housing reservation by calling the Hilton at 1-800-445-8667 using your housing confirmation number and should receive a full refund. If you have any problems in this process please contact Linda Arcangeli-Story at [email protected] 
11: What will happen with my flight to Atlanta?
A: Contact your travel agent or the airline to cancel or reschedule your flight. The airlines are now in position to refund, transfer and provide vouchers. Unfortunately, AAPOR cannot assist with flight cancellations. 

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12: My organization agreed to sponsor the Atlanta-based 2020 conference or advertise in the conference program. What will happen with our sponsorship or advertising?
A: The support of our sponsors has been essential to AAPOR’s stability over time. We have reached out to sponsoring organizations about opportunities for sponsorship in our virtual conference format.
13: My organization reserved an exhibit booth for the Atlanta-based 2020 conference. Will my payment be refunded?
A. Yes, refunds will be provided. We have reached out to the exhibitors.

14: What can I do to help?
A: AAPOR’s members and dedicated volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. To continue to have a successful conference, we will need everyone’s help in some way. This could be by submitting your paper or poster to the virtual program, by video-recording your presentation for a virtual session, by attending or viewing other virtual sessions, or volunteering for our conference planning. If you want to do more, one huge help would be to donate to AAPOR’s 75th Annual Fundraising Campaign. See the link here for more details.

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Virtual conference
General overview and program FAQs:
15How will the virtual conference work?
A: We have selected the software platforms for the virtual conference. In mid-April, presenters who indicated initial interest in presenting at the virtual conference received an invite to RSVP to secure their placement in the program. More than 350 papers and posters will be presented. See details in the interactive, searchable Conference Program  as well as the Presenter Guidelines and Information webpage.

16: Will multiple sessions be going on at the same time?
A: Like the in-person conference, research presentations are scheduled in concurrent sessions. The Virtual Conference offers Concurrent Sessions A - E as seen in the  Schedule of Events.
17: When will the final program be available?
A: The final program is posted! There are more than 350 papers and posters! 
18: What if I have to miss a session or an event?
A: Just like the in-person conference, we understand and respect that attendees may not participate in a particular session or an event. The virtual format offers great flexibility. For example, all sessions and events are recorded so you can come back and view what you’ve missed. We will confirm with registrants how long the recordings will be available.

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Paper presentations:
19: How will papers be presented?
A: Concurrent sessions will be similar to previous in-person AAPOR conferences in both length and the number of paper presentations per session. Attendees will be able to view slides, hear presentations, and ask presenters questions. All sessions will be recorded and available for later viewing. See interactive, searchable Conference Program. Detailed instructions for both paper presenters and attendees have also been posted at the Presenter Guidelines and Information webpage.
Posters and poster competition:
20: How will posters be presented?
A: While posters will be digital this year, attendees will still be able to browse and view posters, hear authors give a brief overview of their poster, and ask questions. See a list of posters in the All-AAPOR Poster Session and the inaugural Poster Award Contest. Also see: Presenter Guidelines and Information webpage.

21: What about the new all-AAPOR poster competition?
A: We are excited about the inaugural Poster Award Contest!. If you are interested in being a poster judge, please contact Kristen Olson. All poster judges will be required to register for the virtual conference. The responsibilities for poster judges will be posted in the Poster Award Contest webpage!

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Short courses:
22: Are the short courses included in conference registration?
A: No, registration for the short courses is not included in the conference registration. As before, short courses will be 3.5 hours long and will be offered at an additional fee for $100 each, which is lower than the in-person short course fee. Short courses will not be recorded for future viewing, so we encourage you to register now! Those who had registered for a short course as part of their in-person registration can choose to transfer it to their virtual conference registration, see Refund FAQ.

23: What is the schedule for the short courses?
A: We have updated the Schedule of Events with the short course schedule. Courses will take place June 8-10. Only one short course will be offered per slot, so attendees can select more than one course, if they choose.

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24: What about the 75th Anniversary celebration activities?
A: Some of the content that our dedicated volunteers on the AAPOR History Committee have diligently produced will be made freely available for all on the AAPOR website, as part of the original planning by the 75th Annual Conference planning committee. At the virtual conference, we will unveil an interactive digital history timeline that pays tribute to 75 years of advancing the science and practice of survey and opinion research. See 75th Anniversary session description. We will also look toward the public health community to develop a timeline for having an in-person celebration and continue to recognize the many contributions of AAPOR and its members over the last 75 years.

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25: I received an award from AAPOR for the 2020 conference. What happens next?
A: We have reached out to award recipients with the details. Please join us in honoring our 2020 Awardees in the Attendee Celebration and Awards banquet! See Schedule of Events.
26: Who won this year’s awards?
A: Please follow AAPOR’s Award Winners page for announcements. We have also issued a press release: AAPOR Announces 2020 Award Winners, Honoring Industry Leaders.

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Business meeting:
27: Will there be an opportunity to ask AAPOR Executive Council about this decision at a business meeting?
A: Yes, we will have an online synchronous annual business meeting on June 12th from 3-5pm Eastern at the virtual conference, as we do in our place-based conference. Members will be able to ask questions of the AAPOR Executive Council.

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Exhibit hall:
28: Will there be an Exhibit Hall?
A: Yes, there will be a Virtual Exhibit Hall (not virtual reality).

29: What is the Treasure Hunt for the Virtual Exhibit Hall?
A: We treasure our AAPOR members and sponsors! We plan to offer an interactive treasure hunt throughout the virtual exhibit hall. You’ll enjoy it!

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30: When will registration for the virtual conference open?
A: Registration is open! If you registered for the in-person conference and chose to transfer your registration, then you will be automatically registered and receive a confirmation. See Refund FAQ. Conference registration costs are laid out below:
Registration Type Registration Cost
AAPOR Member $199
Non-Member* $399
AAPOR Student Member $99
Student Non-Member* $149
Honorary Life Member $50
Short Course (per short course) $100
*Registration for the Virtual Conference will include complimentary AAPOR membership for the remainder of 2020
31: I still want an AAPOR t-shirt. Can I order one?
A: Yes! You can order a T-shirt as part of your registration. Those who had their registration transferred from in-person to virtual can add a T-shirt, too.

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Technical considerations for participation:
32: What are the technical considerations for participation in the virtual conference?
A: You will need a device (desktop, tablet, or a mobile phone) that is connected to the Internet. We will provide detailed instructions on how to connect to the virtual conference soon.
33: Will there be dry runs to test for connection, volume, and to increase my comfort level?
A: Yes, we’ve designated the week before the conference for dry runs. We’ll communicate a dry run schedule as soon as we can. The day of the conference, we also encourage you to connect at least 10 minutes prior to the first event in order to test for connection and volume.
34: What if I don’t have microphone or a camera on my device?
A: We’ve heard from members who do not have microphone or a camera on their computer. If you are also in that situation, you can still listen in using your computer’s audio or dial in using your phone to hear the sound. Not having a camera should not affect your experience as an attendee. We highly encourage attendees who believe they may experience technical issues to participate in one of the dry runs.

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Notice to Federal Employees

The Annual AAPOR Conference conforms to the OPM definition of a “developmental assignment.” It is intended for educational purposes; over three quarters of time schedule is for planned, organized exchange of information between presenters and audience, thereby qualifying under section 4101 of title 5, United States Code as a training activity. The AAPOR Conference is a collaboration in the scientific community, whose objectives are to provide a training opportunity to attendees; teach the latest methodology and approaches to survey research best practices; make each attendee a better survey researcher, and; maintain and improve professional survey competency.