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AAPOR Applauds NASA Decisions

Nov. 7, 2007 --  The nation's top group of pollsters and public opinion researchers today applauded NASA's decision to make public the findings of its recent safety survey.

"NASA did the right thing," said Rob Daves, past president of AAPOR.

 Under public pressure last week, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration plotted a 180-degree turn in policy, deciding to report the results of a survey that it conducted with public funds after initially saying it would not report the findings.

AAPOR welcomed the new decision, Daves said, and further urged NASA to disclose the survey's methods and measures as quickly as possible so that survey researchers, taxpayers and the flying public can judge its veracity.

If NASA does not report research findings or fails to disclose the methods and measures of the survey it used, it will mean broken faith with the American people, forfeiting their trust and calling into question any future research – survey or otherwise – that NASA funds, Daves said.

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