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2014 AAPOR Award to Jon Krosnick

Public Opinion Research Group’s Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Stanford Professor, Jon A. Krosnick

DEERFIELD, IL, June 4, 2014--The 2014 American Association of Public Opinion Research’s top honor, the AAPOR Award, was presented to Dr. Jon A. Krosnick, Frederic O. Glover Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences at Stanford University, at the AAPOR Annual Conference on May 17, in Anaheim, Calif. The AAPOR Award is the Association’s lifetime achievement award, given for outstanding contribution to the field of public opinion research, including: advances in theory, empirical research and methods; improvements in ethical standards; and promotion of understanding among the public, media and/or policy makers.

The depth, breadth and originality of Dr. Jon A. Krosnick’s scholarship place him in the foremost ranks of the public opinion and survey research field. His work during the past three decades has produced essential insights into questionnaire design and survey research methods, informing a generation of researchers on a broad range of best practices. "I am stunned by this award because it is profoundly meaningful to me," said Krosnick. The survey researchers that fill the ranks of AAPOR are "my go-to people," he said. "AAPOR has inspired me, validated me, nurtured me and taught me," he added.

For Krosnick, it has been both a meaningful and challenging career. "Doing the above has not always been popular, and the process has involved its share of frustrations and disappointments."

Krosnick’s work on the cognitive processes of question response, including satisficing and acquiescence bias, provides crucial guidance in optimal questionnaire design. His evaluation of survey modes has led the way in the rigorous, independent evaluation of new and emerging methodologies. His work on attitude formation, change and effects, and on the psychology of political behavior are, similarly both path-breaking and influential. Krosnick has been a pioneer in applied policy research as well, notably in his 15-year exploration of public attitudes on climate change.

An academic polymath with a restless intellect and boundless energy, Krosnick’s contributions cross disciplines from social psychology, in which he received his doctorate from the University of Michigan in 1986, to political science, communication and public opinion polling. He has authored or co-authored six books, 150 articles and chapters and 350 conference papers – more than 100 at AAPOR conferences alone – and delivered nearly 200 invited lectures on the measurement of public attitudes at meetings, seminars, conferences and colloquia around the world.

Krosnick is a former co-principal investigator of the American National Election Studies (2005-2011), a research psychologist for the U.S. Census Bureau and, among other honors, an elected fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has supervised more than 40 master’s theses and doctoral dissertations since 1988, first as a professor of psychology and political science at The Ohio State University and subsequently at Stanford University, supplying the field with a steady stream of highly trained survey research scholars and practitioners. He also plays a mean set of drums.

In 1984, AAPOR recognized Jon A. Krosnick with its Student Paper Award at the Association’s annual conference. Thirty years later, even as his remarkable productivity continues unabated, we celebrate his decades of thought leadership, creativity and innovation with the AAPOR Award for outstanding contributions to the field of public opinion research. Members of the 2014 AAPOR Award Committee include Rob Santos, Claudia Dean, Richard Kulka, Gary Langer and Barbara O’Hare. Read more about Krosnick here: http://comm.stanford.edu/faculty-krosnick/.


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