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New and Improved AAPORnet Listserv

By Rich Morin, Communications Chair

AAPORnet successfully moved to its new home on June 1 and the only surprise on moving day was the absence of big surprises. The transition of the popular online discussion group from Arizona State University to the Sherwood Group, AAPOR’s management firm, was accomplished with few serious problems and no significant delays.

AAPOR President Scott Keeter posted the first message to the relocated AAPORnet at 8:46 a.m. on June 1.  In the inaugural posting, Keeter thanked “AAPORnet subscribers who keep our list vital and active. We hope that the new system will help make AAPORnet even more valuable to all of you, whether you regularly post or just quietly lurk and listen.”

More than 2,100 AAPOR members now have access to the discussion board through a new interface on the AAPOR website. Currently 939 members receive instant posting to AAPORnet while another 104 receive daily digests, said Michael Patti, Sherwood Group Web services manager, who engineered the transition with the help of longtime AAPOR member Shap Wolf.

While the email list made the move with few problems, the migration of the AAPORnet archive proved to be a bigger challenge. But by the weekend 14,310 messages dating back to 2002 were available on the new site. Messages posted before 2002, when AAPORnet was hosted at USC, will be added soon, after the remaining technical issues are resolved.

The move marked the culmination of months of hard work by the AAPORnet Transition Subcommittee chaired by Colleen Porter. She was assisted by Wolf and subcommittee members Leo Simonetta, Adam Safir, Joe Murphy and James R. Caplan. Rich Morin, communications committee chair and Marjorie Connelly, associate communications chair also served on the subcommittee. Lindsay Arends of the Sherwood Group was also instrumental in the transition. All AAPORnet users owe their thanks to the transition team for a job well done.
A special thank you to Shap. As he had been for the years that ASU hosted the site, Shap was the wizard behind the curtain during the transition, surrendering large chunks of his Memorial Day weekend to make sure the move went smoothly.