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Past Sudman Paper Competition Winners

2017 Winner  Ozan Kuru, University of Michigan
2017 Honorable Mention Sarah Lessem, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2016 Winner  Ashley Amaya, RTI International
2015 Winner  Christopher Antoun, University of Michigan Program in Survey Methodology
2014 Winner Nikki L. Graf, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2013 Winner Andrew Guess, Columbia University
2012 Winner Christopher Ojeda, The Pennsylvania State University
2012 Honorable Mention Rebekah Young, The Pennsylvania State University
2011 Winner Andrew Therriault, New York University
2011 Honorable Mention Joseph Sakshaug, University of Michigan
2011 Honorable Mention Susanna Dilliplane, Annenberg School for Communication
2010 Winner Courtney Kennedy, University of Michigan
2010 Honorable Mention Jocelyn Landau, University of Pennsylvania
2010 Honorable Mention Elizabeth Roodhouse, University of Pennsylvania
2009 Winner Philip Brenner, University of Wisconsin - Madison
2009 Winner Brady West, University of Michigan
2008 Winner Jennifer Heerwig and Brian McCabe, New York University
2008 Honorable Mention Julianna Sandell Pacheco, Pennsylvania State University
2007 Winner Mathieu Turgeon, University of North Texas
2006 Winner Magdalena Wojcieszak, University of Pennsylvania
2006 Honorable Mention Andy Peytchev, University of Michigan
2006 Honorable Mention Ting Yan, University of Michigan
2005 Winner Amy R. Gershkoff, Princeton University
2005 Winner Jennifer Dykema, University of Wisconsin - Madison
2005 Honorable Mention Adria Lawrence and Bethany Albertson, University of Chicago
2004 Winner Kate Kenski and Dannagal Goldthwaite Young, University of Pennsylvania
2003 Winner Devon Johnson, Harvard University
2003 Winner Markus Prior, Princeton University
2003 Honorable Mention Clarissa Davis, Annenberg School of Communication
2002 Winner David Dutwin, University of Pennsylvania
2001 Winner Joshua D. Clinton, Stanford University
2000 Winner Alexander Todorov, New York University
1999 Winner Bo Zhou, University of Akron
1998 Winner Cindy T. Christen and Prathana Kannaovakun, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1998 Honorable Mention J. Tobin Grant and Stephen T. Mockabee, Ohio State University
1998 Honorable Mention Devon Johnson, Harvard University
1997 Winner Paul Goren, University of Pittsburgh
1997 Honorable Mention Robert D. Woodberry, University of North Carolina
1996 Winner Maria Krysan, Pennsylvania State University
1996 Honorable Mention Daniel Dowd, Yale University
1996 Honorable Mention Julie Press and Eleanor Townsley, University of California, Los Angeles
1995 Winner Mollyann Brodie, Harvard University
1995 Honorable Mention Damarys Canache, University of Pittsburgh
1994 Winner Scott L. Althaus, Northwestern University
1994 Honorable Mention Robert M. Eisinger, University of Chicago
1994 Honorable Mention Michael W. Link, University of South Carolina
1994 Honorable Mention Richard J. Timpone, SUNY at Stony Brook
1993 Winner Michael Wänke, Universitat Mannheim
1993 Honorable Mention E. Clement Brooks, University of California, Berkeley
1993 Honorable Mention E. Marla Fletcher, Northwestern University
1993 Honorable Mention J. Frederick-Collins, University of North Carolina
1992 Winner Jeffery Mondak, University of Pittsburgh
1992 Honorable Mention Jian-Hua Zhu, University of Connecticut
1992 Honorable Mention Anne S. Welch, Northwestern University
1991 Winner Martin I. Gilen, University of California, Berkeley
1990 Winner Jonathan Cowden, Yale University
1989 Winner Diana Mutz, University of Wisconsin
1988 Winner James Dearling, University of Southern California
1988 Honorable Mention James Dearling, University of Southern California
1988 Honorable Mention William Axinn, University of Michigan
1988 Honorable Mention Glenn Dempsey, University of Chicago
1988 Honorable Mention Donna Wasserman, University of Michigan
1987 Winner Jacqueline Scott, University of Michigan
1987 Honorable Mention Stephen Ayidiya, University of Akron
1987 Honorable Mention Pamela Campanelli, University of Michigan
1986 Winner Dorothy Watson, University of Wisconsin
1986 Honorable Mention Jacqueline Scott, University of Michigan
1986 Honorable Mention Ken Dautrich, Eagleton Institute
1985 Winner Donald P. Green, University of California, Berkeley
1985 Honorable Mention Gerald M. Kosicki, University of Wisconsin
1985 Honorable Mention Gary R. Pettey, University of Wisconsin
1985 Honorable Mention Martin I. Gilen, University of California, Berkeley
1984 Winner Jon A. Krosnick, University of Michigan
1984 Winner Robert W. Kubey, University of Chicago
1984 Honorable Mention Phyllis M. Endreny, Columbia University
1984 Honorable Mention Carrol J. Glynn, University of Georgia
1984 Honorable Mention John Zeglarski, Rutgers University
1983 Winner John Zaller, University of California, Berkeley
1983 Honorable Mention Cynthia Fletcher, Iowa State University
1983 Honorable Mention John G. Geer, Princeton University
1983 Honorable Mention Jon A. Krosnick, University of Michigan
1983 Honorable Mention Bruce Peterson, University of Chicago
1982   Richard Bagger, Princeton University
1982   Lynda Clarizio, Princeton University
1982   Earl Cook, Princeton University
1982   Linda Curtis, Princeton University
1982   Robert Giuffra, Princeton University
1982   Keating Holland, Princeton University
1982   David Heubner, Princeton University
1982   Claire Laporte, Princeton University
1982   Warren Lazarow, Princeton University
1982   Demetria Martinez, Princeton University
1982   Burns Stanfield, Princeton University
1982   Terri Steinhaus, Princeton University
1982   Michele Warman, Princeton University
1981   Lawrence D. Bobo, University of Michigan
1980 Honorable Mention Marianne Berry, University of Michigan
1979   Eric R.A.N. Smith, University of California, Berkeley
1978 Winner Marie Crane, University of Michigan
1978 Second Michael Carozzo, University of Kentucky
1978 Honorable Mention Jeff Sobal, University of Pennsylvania
1977 Winner Twila Foster, University of California, Berkeley (Helen S. Dinnerman Prize)
1977 Winner Michael Goldstein, University of California, Berkeley
1977 Winner Trudy Martin, University of California, Berkeley
1977 Winner Mark J. Rogers, University of California, Berkeley
1977 Honorable Mention Josephine Holz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1977 Honorable Mention Claire B. McCullough, University of Maryland
1977 Honorable Mention Michael J. O'Neil, Northwestern University
1976 Winner Robert Navazio, University of North Carolina
1976 Honorable Mention Stanley Presser, University of Michigan
1976 Honorable Mention Kevin Lang, Oxford University
1976 Honorable Mention Alicia J. Welch, University of Massachusetts
1975 Winner James R. Beniger, University of California, Berkeley
1975 Second Martin I. Horn, University of Connecticut
1975 Third Victoria L. Swigert, SUNY-Albany
1975 Honorable Mention Bonnie J. Kay, Northwestern University
1974   D. Garth Taylor, University of Chicago
1973   Paul J. Placek, Vanderbilt
1972   Gwen Bellisfield, New York University
1971 Winner Marcus Felson, University of Michigan
1970 Winner Charles K. Atkin, University of Wisconsin
1970 Second Gary A. Mauser, University of California, Irvine
1970 Third Philip Palmgreen, University of Kentucky
1969 Winner David Knoke, University of Michigan
1969 Second Charles Atkin, University of Wisconsin
1969 Second Drury Sherrod, Stanford University
1969 Honorable Mention Kent Anderson, Stanford University
1969 Honorable Mention Douglas Hall, Stanford University
1969 Honorable Mention Jonathan Kelley, University of California, Berkeley
1968 Winner Lawrence W. Green, University of California, Berkeley
1968 Second John S. Reed, Jr., Columbia University
1968 Third Marshall Childs, Columbia University
1968 Honorable Mention Jonathan Kelley, University of California, Berkeley
1968 Honorable Mention Richard Young, Stanford University
1967 Winner Kay K. Deaux, University of Texas
1967 Second Thomas D. Cook, Stanford University
1967 Second G. Ray Funkhouser, Stanford University
1967 Second Paul Hirsch, University of Michigan
1967 Second John A. Michael, Columbia University
1967 Second Sanci Michael, Columbia University