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Committees and Taskforces

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AAPOR has several committees that carry out a number of different functions for the association. Among them are the following committees. To learn more about them, click on the name of the committee below.

AAPOR Members
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AAPOR History Committee

Janice M. Ballou, Chair

Communications Committee

Jennifer J. Agiesta, Associate Chair

Conference Committee

Trent D. Buskirk, Chair
Courtney Kennedy, Associate Chair

Diversity Initiative Coordinating Committee

Dianne Rucinski, Chair

Education Committee

Brady T. West, Chair
Kyley McGeeney, Associate Chair

Executive Council

Timothy P. Johnson, President
David J. Dutwin, Vice President

Finance Committee

Janet L. Streicher, Chair
Jordon Peugh, Associate Chair

Membership & Chapter Relations Committee

Morgan Earp, Chair
Emily Geisen, Associate Chair

Nominations Committee

Roger Tourangeau, Chair

Standard Definitions Committee

Tom W. Smith, Chair

Standards Committee

Stephanie Eckman, Associate Chair

Transparency Initiative Coordinating Committee

Ashley Kirzinger, Chair
Timothy Triplett, Chair

AAPOR Awards Committees

AAPOR Award for Exceptionally Distinguished Achievement Cmte

Timothy P. Johnson, Chair

Book Award Committee

David C. Wilson, Chair

Burns "Bud" Roper Fellow Award Committee

Gina K. Walejko, Chair

Policy Impact Award Committee

Roger Tourangeau, Chair

Seymour Sudman Paper Award Committee

Courtney Kennedy, Chair

Student Travel Award Committee

Gina K. Walejko, Chair

WAPOR/AAPOR Janet A. Harkness Student Paper Award Committee

Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators Award Committee

Nancy J. Belden, Chair

AAPOR Publications

Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology Oversight Cmte

Ting Yan, Chair

Public Opinion Quarterly Advisory Committee

D. Sunshine Hillygus, Chair

Survey Practice Advisory Committee

AAPOR Ad-Hoc Committees and Task Forces

Ad Hoc Committee on Sugging and Frugging

Andy Peytchev, Chair

Ad-Hoc Committee on Sexual Harassment

Jennifer H. Childs, Chair

Data Fabrication Task Force

Jill Montaquila DeMatteis, Co-Chair (AAPOR)
Linda Young, Co-Chair (ASA)

False Accusations Against Surveys Ad-Hoc Committee

Jill E. Darling, Chair

Improving Survey Climate Task Force

Peter V. Miller, Chair

Mixed Mode Task Force

Jolene D. Smyth, Chair

Pre-Election Polling Task Force

Courtney Kennedy, Chair