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T-Shirt Contest Winners

AAPOR_Tshirt.jpgThe 44th Annual AAPOR Conference at the Don CeSar Beach Resort, St. Petersburg, Florida (May 18-21, 1989) launched the “AAPOR T-Shirt.” As an incentive for those who signed up for the Saturday morning 7:30 AM Walk/Run event, participants received the AAPOR T-Shirt with the iconic slogan “If we want your opinion, we’ll ask for it.” Elizabeth Martin (2004 AAPOR President) is credited with this original slogan that continued in 1990 and 1991.

An annual pre-conference contest has generated new slogans since then (see list of slogans and slogan winners below) and since 1990, the conference registration includes the option to purchase the annual T-shirt.

AAPOR is fortunate that since 1994 (T-Shirt, but no slogan), Tom Guterbock has saved his T-Shirts. Thanks to Mike Lawrence, who photographed and captioned the Guterbock collection, we have this  historic collection.
Year Slogan   Winner
1989 If we want your opinion, we'll ask for it.    Elizabeth Martin
1990 Same, no new contest.    
1991 Same, no new contest.    
1992 The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, +/- 4%   Tom W. Smith
1993 Pollsters do it for the asking.   Nikolai Popov
1994 No slogan; apparently no contest.    
1995 Sample the Universe. Be a pollster.    Fred Solop
1996 AAPOR: 50 years and still counting.   Frank Rusciano
1997 To err is human, but if it’s less than 4% it's just sampling.   Tom W. Smith
1998 Without us, it's just your opinion.   John Marcum
1999 AAPOR – Telling Americans what they think since 1947.   Jim Wolf
2000 Your opinion counts if we count your opinion.   Tom W. Smith
2001 Polling: Now more accurate than the election itself!   Allan Barton
2002 We may not have all the answers, but we have all the questions.   Tom W. Smith
2003 The Ns justify the x̄s.   Joel D. Bloom
2004 Public Opinion Research: Fighting the War Against Error.   Kristen Olson
2005 If you don’t like the estimate, just weight.   Doug Lonnstrom
2006 Trust Us – We’re 95% confident.   Benjamin Healey
2007 I lost my validity at AAPOR.   Brooke Hoover
2008 Will weight tables for food.   Fred Solop
2009 Joe the Pollster   Timothy MacKinnon
2010 AAPOR: Freqs and Geeks   Angela Knittle
2011 Would you say you like this T-shirt...
1. Very much
2. Somewhat
3. Very little
4. Not at all?
  Rich Clark
2012 AAPOR: We are the 99% (±1) .   Adam Enders
2013 We’ll call you maybe.   Megan Zander-Cotugno
2014 The weighting in the hardest part.   A. Rupa Datta   
2015 Practice random acts of dialing.   Tancy Vandecar-Burdin
2016 Your opinion is important, even if it’s not significant.   Tanya Mulvey
2017 I’m just looking for the French quartile.   Alice Blackwell
2018 We have good surveys. The best surveys. No one is better at surveys than we are.   Jenny Marlar
2019 Don’t want to answer now? We’ll weight.   Nathan Palmer
2020 75 Years of Caring About What Other People Think.   Joan M. Hill