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2016 Donors

Thank you to everyone who donated to AAPOR in 2016. Your support makes it possible for us to continue providing a variety of programs and services including:
  • Support AAPOR Student Travel Awards. These awards fund graduate student attendance at the AAPOR Annual Conference.
  • Maintaining the low cost educational programs such as webinars, online courses and regional workshops.
  • Helping fulfill the promise of the Transparency Initiative. We have an unprecedented opportunity to influence how research organizations document their work, to increase the confidence of data consumers and to establish a rich archive for methodological research.
  • Further promote the practice and profession of survey research and polling, reinforcing the critically important principles of our Code.
Duane Alwin
Susan Ayres
Janice Ballou
Paul Beatty
Scott Bennett
Ginger Blazier
Mollyann Brodie
Michael Bucuvalas
Rachel Caspar
Joe Catania
Chris Chapman
Asaph Young Chun
Scott Clement
Cricket Cohen
Diane Colasanto
Frederick Conrad
Mick Couper
Matthew Dabrowski
Josue De La Rosa
J. Dennis
David Dutwin
Jennifer Dykema
Brad Edwards
James Ellis
Lissandra Ellyne
AmazonSmile Foun Co
Kathleen Frankovic
Robert Groves
Heidi Grunwald
Thomas Guterbock
Jeffrey Hackett
Brian Harris-Kojetin
Allyson Holbrook
Syed Idid
Michael Jacobsen
David Jodice
Timothy Johnson
Scott Keeter
Richard Kulka
Gary Langer
Ronald Langley
Jay Leve
Michael Link
Mary Losch
Bo MacInnis
Nancy Mathiowetz
Gretchen McHenry
Grace Medley
Jonathan Mendelson
Dan Merkle 
Peter Miller
Michael Mitrano
Dawn V. Nelson
Elizabeth Nichols
Daniel Oberski
Eileen O'Brien
Barbara O'Hare
Bob Oldendick
Kristen Olson
Colm O'Muircheartaigh
Diane O'Rourke
Julie Paasche
Michael Patti
Jordon Peugh
G. Michael Phillips
Eric Plutzer
Colleen Porter
Alice Robbin
Barbara Robles
Alan Roshwalb
Jennifer Rothgeb
Robert Santos
Nora Cate Schaeffer
Alisu Schoua-Glusberg
Mark Schulman
Rachelle Seger
J. Merrill Shanks
Susan Sherr
Robert Simmons
Dina Smeltz
Lynn Stalone
Mathew Stange
James Swinehart
Adam Thocher
Robert Tortora
Michael Traugott
Clyde Tucker
Ryan Tully
Martha Van Haitsma
Ana Villar
Gina Walejko
Brady West
John Wiley & Sons
Diane Willimack
Shapard Wolf
Theresa Wright
Martin Wulfe
Cliff Zukin
Marc Zwelling

2016 Presidential Matching Donors 
Nancy Belden
Mollyann Brody
Diane Colosanto
Don Dillman
Murray Edelman
Kathy Frankovic
Scott Keeter
Richard Kulka
Michael Link
Betsy Martin
Nancy Mathiowetz
Peter Miller
Frank Newport
Robert Santos
Mark Schulman
Eleanor Singer
Michael Traugott
Cliff Zukin