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Update 8-11-10


August 11, 2010

We are pleased to offer this update on AAPOR's Transparency Initiative (TI). As of today, 51 organizations have signed up as supporters of the TI, including several who are actively participating in developing the initiative. We are delighted with the level of interest and the support generated to date is a clear statement about the relevance and importance of transparency. Click here for a full list of supporters.

Three AAPOR committees are currently working on the details of the TI: Standards, Communications and Membership and Chapter Relations. Subcommittees of the Standards Committee are developing guidelines for  details and materials that should be included in routine disclosure, and working on options to monitor and recognize participation in the TI. The subcommittees are comprised of a mix of people from the Standards Committee and volunteer members who expressed an interest in participating in the TI. Both subcommittees plan to consult early and often with organizations that have signed up as supporters of the TI to help gauge the feasibility and utility of the specific provisions they are developing.

It's important to note that signing up for the TI does not constitute an irrevocable commitment to endorse or participate in the system that emerges from the development process. Signing up is an endorsement of the principles espoused in the TI and an agreement to serve, either as a sounding board or as an active participant as the initiative is developed. 

The TI Steering Committee is managing the process. It is composed of the chairs and associates of Standards, Communications and Membership and Chapter Relations, and is chaired by Scott Keeter. Peter Miller, immediate past president, also sits on the committee. 

The current plan is for the two Standards Subcommittees to complete their work and make recommendations to the Executive Council by the January council meeting. Communications and Membership will be working on strategies for communicating with both the AAPOR membership and the public about the TI. We are hopeful that the full TI can be rolled out prior to the next AAPOR conference, May 12-15, 2011. In the meantime, comments and suggestions from AAPOR members, as well as expressions of support from organizations, are most welcome and should be sent to

More details about the TI are available on the AAPOR website.


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