Standards and Ethics

AAPOR Code Revised

In 2010, AAPOR released a revised version of the Code of Professional Ethics and Practices. Approved overwhelmingly by a vote of AAPOR members the revised Code clarifies the association’s principles regarding the application and use of survey research at a time when traditional methodologies face growing pressures and new methodologies are being rapidly developed. In all, 26 percent of the active membership voted on the set of changes, with 97 percent supporting the updates. Read the revised Code of Professional Ethics and Practices.

All AAPOR members sign the Code of Professional Ethics and Practices, pledging themselves to maintain high standards of scientific competence and integrity in conducting, analyzing, and reporting their work. Much of AAPOR's work is in developing and promoting resources that help researchers meet these demanding standards:

In May 2009 the AAPOR Executive Council approved posting a series of documents regarding cases of interviewer falsification: