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As part of the Transparency Initiative, organizations have agreed to train their employees with job responsibilities that include the methodology content of TI Research, press releases and any other forms of research data disclosure, have been properly trained in TI principles and procedures for compliance.

Wu.jpgThis spotlight focuses on the TI training program at Kaiser Family Foundation, a charter member of the Transparency Initiative. We interviewed Bryan Wu, who has been working as a Research Assistant at the organization for the past 16 months after completing his B.S. at UC Berkeley. He currently works on tracking the public’s views of and experiences with the health care system. According to Wu, he completed the TI training as part of his work orientation when he joined the KFF team.

“I had never heard of AAPOR or of the Transparency Initiative, but my supervisors made sure that learning about the AAPOR Code of Ethics was a large part of my training. Part of that training was to watch all of the TI videos. It actually helped me better understand the methodological details of the work we conduct,” Wu said.

In fact, now one of his chief responsibilities involve checking each of their survey methodologies to ensure that they include every required element for TI. Wu says it is important for all AAPOR members to disclose their research methods because this information is necessary for the public, and other researchers, to interpret findings that may have a direct impact on our society. Wu said, “Transparency is key for people to analyze, as well as use the data correctly.”

Year-round AAPOR Sponsorship Opportunities
By sponsoring the Transparency Initiative you are invited to join AAPOR in the effort to promote methodological disclosure through a proactive, educational approach that assists survey organizations in developing simple and efficient means for routinely disclosing the research methods associated with their publicly-released studies. Sponsors of AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative will receive acknowledgement with logo display on the Initiative webpage from initial posting and until 60 days after the conference. Organizations choosing to sponsor the Transparency Initiative are subject to AAPOR Executive Council approval cannot be a current member of the Transparency Initiative.

TI Monthly Update: September 2017 TICC Meeting

TI Monthly Update: August 2017 TICC Meeting

  • AAPOR received a letter from the Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology (FCSM) indicating their interest in the Transparency Initiative and noting their support for our shared value of scientific openness.
  • The TI is pleased to announce we have been formally endorsed by:
  • AASRO endorses the TI - During its annual meeting, held at the Bloustein School at Rutgers University, the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO) formally endorsed AAPOR's Transparency Initiative and encouraged its member organizations to become part of the TI.
  • The editors of AAPOR's three journals, Public Opinion QuarterlyJournal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, and Survey Practice, now require the reporting of all Transparency Initiative disclosure elements as part of each manuscript submitted for peer review. For a complete list of those disclosure elements, see Section III.A of AAPOR's Code of Professional Ethics and Practices.