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                  Face-to-Face Interview of Health Status
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                  Consent Info After Pre-Notification Letter - Targeted Sample for Mental Health Assessment
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         Protecting Against RFP Plagiarism
         Fifty Books That Have Shaped Public Opinion Research
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            Report of the AAPOR Ad Hoc Committee on the 2008 Presidential Primary Polling
            AAPOR Honors Industry Leaders and Announces 2012-2013 Leadership at 2011 Annual Conference
            Federal Court Upholds Respondent Confidentiality
            AAPOR Finds Gilbert Burnham in Violation of Ethics Code
            The Greek Ban on Publishing Pre-Election Polls Undercuts Healthy Democracy
            AAPOR Raises Objections to Actions by Atlanta-Based Strategic Vision LLC
            AAPOR Releases Report on Online Survey Panels
            AAPOR Revises Code of Ethics: Focus on Transparency and Disclosure
            2010 Cell Phone Report
            Poynter’s News University and the American Association for Public Opinion Research to Host Webinar on How to Understand and Report on Public Opinion Polls
            AAPOR Honors Leaders, Announce 2013-2014 Leadership at Annual Conference
            Survey Statistics and Methodology Journal Being Launched by AAPOR and ASA
            Understanding a “credibility interval” and how it differs from the “margin of sampling error” in a public opinion poll
            AAPOR's Statement on 2012 Presidential Election Polling
            AAPOR Elects Leaders in the Survey Research Industry to 2013-2014 Executive Council
            AAPOR Honors Industry Leaders, Annc 2013-14 Leadership
            2014 AAPOR Awards Announced
            Announcing 2014 Exec Council
            Report on Mobile Technologies for Conducting and Augmenting Surveys
            AAPOR 2014 Conference Press Release
            2014 AAPOR Award to Jon Krosnick
            Report on Survey Participation Refusals
         Archived Press Releases
            AAPOR Clarifies Focus Group Criticism
            Focus Groups Misused
            Web Surveys Unlikely to Represent All Views
            AAPOR Finds Frank Luntz in Violation of Ethics Code
            Good Poll? Bad Poll? Webinar to Help You Judge Accuracy of Election Polls
            Ad Hoc Committee Releases Mission Statement
            AAPOR Names Members of Special Committee on 2008 Primary Polling
            AAPOR Announces Ad Hoc Committee to Evaluate New Hampshire Primary Polls
            Election Polling Sections Added to NewsU Course
            NewsU and AAPOR Announce New Polling Course
            2007 AAPOR Awards
            2007 Conference
            Executive Council 2007-2008 Press Release
            Statement on MSNBC Workplace Survey
            AAPOR Provides Clarification on "Push Poll" Issue
            AAPOR Mitofsky, Book, Policy, Student Paper Awards
            AAPOR Applauds NASA Decisions
            AAPOR Announces 2008-2009 Leadership Team
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            AAPOR Letter to Civic Council
            Efficiency and Management Reform Act of 2010
            AAPOR Endorses ISO Standard 20252 and ICC/ESOMAR Code
            Support Letter for Thompson for Census Bureau
            AAPOR Letter on NYT Polling Change
         AAPOR Launches Journalist Education Partnership with Poynter
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            Lessons in Leadership: AAPOR Women Leaders Share Their Insights
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            Mail and Telephone Data Collection with Address-Based Samples
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         Is Survey Research Covered by the Do Not Call Rules?
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            Response Rates - An Overview
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            AAPOR Statements on "Push" Polls
         Should We Trust Leaked Polls?
            Deciding Whether a Leaked Poll can be Trusted
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            James Beniger Dies at 63
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            60 Years and Counting
            AAPOR Endorses International Standards
            Membership Spotlight: Celebrating 64 Years of Membership
            Cisneros, Other Experts to Discuss Immigration Reform at Conference Plenary Session
         2011 April Newsletter
            Letter From the President
            AAPOR is now offering webinars
            Top 10 Reasons for Attending the 2011 AAPOR Annual Conference
            Executive Council 2011-2012 Election Results
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            American Statistical Association Conference - Save the Date
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