Transparency Initiative Update – June 2012

By Tim Johnson, Transparency Initiative Coordinating Chair

There have been a number of important activities related to AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative (TI) that have taken place during the first half of 2012.

During February and March of this year, the first pilot test of proposed TI procedures for implementing a first version of the TI took place. Eight volunteer organizations participated in the pilot test, which was followed by a focus group session with these volunteers to better understand what worked and did not work during the pilot. In response to these findings, the Transparency Initiative Steering Committee (TISC), which oversaw the development of TI processes during the 2011-12 Council Year, recommended to Council that it be disbanded and be replaced with the standing Transparency Initiative Coordinating Committee (TICC). This proposal was approved by Council and the TICC was appointed in May 2012.

At this year's AAPOR Annual Conference, a session was held to provide an overview to membership of the past year’s activities and plans moving forward.  By the end of June, the TICC has met three times and is now moving forward with its mission to reconceptualize the Transparency Initiative and begin laying the groundwork for another pilot, which we hope will take place during the second half of 2012.

One of the key pieces of feedback our new coordinating committee has received, from several sources, is the need for greater transparency of the processes by which the Transparency Initiative is developed and tested. We have clearly heard this message and will be providing monthly updates on AAPOR’s website of our activities.

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