AAPOR Launches Transparency Initiative Pilot Test

By Paul J. Lavrakas, President Elect

The AAPOR Transparency Initiative (TI) is entering into a pilot test phase, starting in early February and lasting into April. 

The pilot test is intended to help the TI Steering Committee and AAPOR Council learn more about the ease/difficulty of (a) applying for certification, (b) reviewing the applications, (c) monitoring compliance of the organizations that are certified and (d) the costs of implementing TI.  During this pilot test approximately 10 survey/polling organizations that have been serving on the TI Advisory Council and that release publicly at least some of their survey results will participate by submitting their application for TI pilot test certification via a Web portal. 

The materials and information that the pilot test organizations submit will be reviewed by the members of the TI Steering Committee before "provisional" certification is granted for the pilot test. The participating organizations will provide feedback throughout the pilot test. 

The lessons learned will be used by the Steering Committee and AAPOR Council to make final plans for implementing the TI, which is anticipated to occur in summer of 2012. There will be a panel discussion of the TI pilot test findings and future plans for TI at the Orlando 2012 AAPOR conference on Friday, May 18, from 4:15 p.m.–5:45 p.m. EDT. Please plan to join us to learn more