AAPOR Leaders Introduce the Transparency Initiative at the WAPOR Annual Conference

By Marjorie Connelly, Associate Communications Chair

Researchers from all parts of the globe were introduced to AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative at the WAPOR Annual Conference in Amsterdam last week.

Promoted as a “Special Session” on the WAPOR program, Scott Keeter, Paul Lavrakas and Peter Miller gave an extensive and informative presentation. Peter detailed the origins and motivations behind the Transparency Initiative. Scott followed with a discussion of the practical elements of the project and the progress made in the past year. The current state of development and plans for the future were provided by Paul in the concluding segment. 

A lively discussion followed the presentation, with Paul eliciting opinions from the audience. The AAPOR members were particularly interested in the views of attendees from nations other than the United States.

Claire Durand from the University of Montreal and Alejandro Moreno of the Instituto Technologico Autonomo de Mexico commented on polling regulations in their countries – cautionary information that can help shape the development of the AAPOR approach. 

Mark Gill, from the British polling firm MORI, discussed a British organization that appears to have similar goals in the United Kingdom to what AAPOR plans to accomplish in the United States. The British Polling Council works to insure that relevant methodological information about public polls in Britain is disclosed to consumers.

Later, members of the Transparency Initiative steering committee at the WAPOR conference met with Sir Robert Worcester, founder of MORI and Mark Gill to learn more about the British model.